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Decorating ideas to make your home a stress-free home in 2022

Your residence serves as a haven for you. When life becomes overwhelming, it is a place where you may feel protected and comfortable. Certain design decisions by aosom can help in the creation of a peaceful environment, and the way you decorate a room can have a significant impact on your quality of life while you’re there. 

A well-designed home filled with stuff you enjoy can be peaceful and stress-relieving, whereas a cluttered space can have a contrary effect on your mood & mental well-being. Several of the top interior designers were contacted and asked for their advice on how to make your home into such a personal refuge. 

These design suggestions can assist you in creating a relaxing and stress-free environment that you will love every day. 

Start with a neutral color scheme

It is easier for the eyes to look at muted, neutral tones rather than brilliant hues. Because flat white walls & smooth white furnishings may easily become monotonous. To keep white from appearing too sterile, use warm colors such as gold, mild tan, or fading yellow throughout the design. 

Give your room a stress-free environment by incorporating relaxation techniques

Make a space dedicated to unwinding and recharging. Everyone requires their own personal space from time to time. Simple daily tasks should be completed. Reduce the amount of clutter in your home. Increase the number of houseplants & flowers in your home. When not in use, unplug all electronic devices. Colors that are calming should be used in the home. 

Candles can be used to warm a space

Because the warm glow of candles creates a feeling of comfort in any place, make use of them liberally around your home. Lighting candles in your living room and kitchen during the day & allowing them to burn till the evening is something you will enjoy doing. It creates a relaxing atmosphere while also adding a touch of luxury to my day. 

Always keep a large number of candles (tapers, pillars, or votives) plus various choice candleholders on hand so that you’ll always have a supply on hand when you need it. Remember to blow them out if you’re not at home or before you retire for the night! 

Showcase Your Family Photographs 

Utilize framed photographs to transport your imagination to pleasant areas you’ve visited, such as vacations to the beaches or a gorgeous family wedding ceremony. Surrounding yourself with good memories as well as the faces of those you care about can be a wonderful way to bring a little warmth into your home. Keep photographs of family members in your line of sight on a daily basis, or preserve them in readily available photo albums or boxes. 

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Decorate with flowers & houseplants

A number of studies have demonstrated that the appearance of plants and flowers in a space can help to reduce tension & create a peaceful environment. The pleasant smell and the presence of greenery would be more efficient in calming your anxieties than anything else. 

Make a swatch of color in a cluster

Add a few vividly colored decorations, such as pillows or rugs, to your space to inject a little happiness & positivity into it. The use of vivid artwork, ceramics in a favorite color, a jewel-tone vase, as well as other things of great color can assist draw attention and focusing the mind. 

Clique your favorite pieces together to form a central focal point to increase the comfortable effect they have on you. As a result, each time you travel by, you will be able to soak in the collective happiness of the goods. Make sure to choose a location that you will see on a regular basis, such as a mantlepiece or an entryway console table. 

Soak away stress

Improve the functionality of your bathroom to meet both your utilitarian and pampering needs. Take advantage of the extra space to wash away stress in a bath after creating a spa-like ambiance with simple additions such as a stack of bath towels or a couple of candles in the room. Remove the children’s toys from the room, grab your favorite book, and reclaim the bathroom with your own for a few quiet times of peace and quiet. Colors that are warm and gentle, as well as soft lighting and calming music, might enhance the experience. 

Make your bedroom a haven of relaxation

Make your bedroom a retreat to improve the quality of sleep (and the comfort of your waking time) by creating a relaxing environment. A good night’s sleep is nothing more relaxing than snuggling into crisp, fresh, high-thread counts sheets after a hard day at work or in the city. By purchasing a set, you will be able to rest every evening as if you were at your preferred luxury hotel. 

Make use of mirrors. Given that mirrors are considered to reflect energy, placing them strategically throughout your home must aid in channeling positive energy. If you can bring some of nature’s beauty and spirit into your home, that is much more beneficial. It is best not to think about things that have a bad vibe, such as a waste bin. 

Keep your windows open at all times. 

The first rays of the sun in the day are a fantastic source of positive energy. For this reason, it is essential that you maintain your windows open to allow for the passage of natural light to enter. Rather than relying on an alarm clock, simply allow the sun to wake you up in the morning. 

Don’t forget to take care of your garden

Your garden should be a haven of calm and tranquility as well as beauty. Fortunately, the concepts of Feng Shui may be used in your outdoor environment as well. As with the last step, you’ll want to concentrate on generating an area that enables energy to flow. It is possible that a tidy, well-kept environment with bright colors will serve as your personal retreat. 

Make your own personal happy zone

In order to relax, it is necessary to have personal spaces, which do not always have to take up an entire room. For instance, you might choose to sit on a specific sofa in a specific room if you are more comfortable doing so. Assure you get your own happy space in your own home and that when you enter it, you leave all of the negative energy behind.


Several of us are unintentionally causing stress in our own homes by not managing our time properly. Parts of the daily routine, whether it’s through the furnishings, clutter, dietary choices, or sleeping habits, can be harmful to our health and well-being in various ways. 

Home stress can be reduced, and a more relaxed atmosphere can be created by making a few little adjustments in many important areas. Investigate some of the places in which you can make adjustments, as well as how these changes will contribute to stress reduction at home.

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