Decorating for the Market: 7 Tips for Staging Your Home

Staging your house is an important part of attracting interested buyers. Make sure you check out these seven tips for stating your home below.

If you are planning on selling your home then you need to take some important steps in order to get it ready and entice potential buyers. One of the best things you can do is staging your home to enhance its best qualities.

Staging your house is an important part of attracting interested buyers and you can do it yourself by following these tips for staging your home.

Follow These Tips for Staging Your Home

Staging your home is when you get your home showroom-ready by rearranging your furniture, replace older appliances, add some fresh paint or even replace the flooring.

These techniques create a space that is picture-perfect and lets the potential buyer imagine themselves living there. This is an important step when you are selling your house yourself.

1. Clean Up the Clutter

Clean Up the Clutter

The first step to getting ready to stage your home is to go through each room and purge all the clutter. Go through the closets and determine if you are going to keep things you use frequently, or sell and donate items that you don’t use. Then remove personal items and tchotchkes from all the surfaces, and remove extra furniture that might make the room look cluttered or smaller.

By removing personal items, it lets the buyer envision themselves living there and filling the house with their items. You don’t want to leave anything out that may alter their opinion or turn them off from the potential of your space.

If you have many items that you plan on keeping, do not store them in the garage or closets since potential buyers will look in every space. It’s best to move them into a short term storage facility or store at a friend or family member’s house. This also helps when you are ready to move since those items are already packed and ready to go.

2. Do a Deep Clean

After you have removed all the clutter from the rooms it is time to do a thorough deep clean.
Make sure you wipe down every surface in the kitchen and bathrooms and clear off the countertops, clean out the refrigerator and keep the lid of the toilet down.

If you have pets make sure to wash surfaces that they frequent, such as couches and rugs, and take them out of the house before showing to buyers. Your pets are family but might be a distractor to buyers.

Also, open all the windows to air the house out but don’t light candles or use air fresheners as they may trigger allergies in your potential buyers.

3. Use Natural Lighting

Prospective buyers want to be sure that your home has plenty of bright or natural light. Pull back heavy curtains and open the blinds to allow the light to shine in. If the room doesn’t have a nice view, then add a sheer curtain to block the view but still allows the light in.

Be sure to dust off your light fixtures and replace lampshades that are dated or dingy. If cleaning isn’t enough then update your outdated light fixtures and use light bulbs that have a bright white tone.

4. Repaint the Walls

Repaint the Walls
Another way to brighten up and enhance the amount of natural lighting in your home is to freshen up your walls with a coat of light-colored paint. The lighter colors will help reflect the light making your space feel open and inviting.

You can also use neutral colors on the walls or decorations throughout the house. Also, avoid any mix-match paint colors throughout the living room and in the bedrooms to keep everything uniform and flowing from room to room.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture

It’s always important to make your home look bigger and open. This means you may have to remove some pieces of furniture or rearrange the items you already own. If you don’t have enough furniture or your pieces are a bit worn, then consider renting some pieces to replace yours or to help fill the space.

Once you have all the pieces of furniture you will need, the next step is to arrange them throughout your house in an eye-appealing way that doesn’t clutter the space.

Start by creating a focal point in the room, like a fireplace, then add an area rug. Then arrange the furniture around the rug, keeping the furniture away from the walls, and create a warm and inviting space.

6. Spruce Up the Exterior

Once you have the interior of the house in order, it’s time to focus on the exterior and your home’s curb appeal. The first thing that buyers see when considering purchasing your home is the exterior so you need to make sure it is in order or you may turn them off before they even make it through the door.

Start by power washing the driveway and walkways, and clean your windows. Mow your lawn, tidy up the landscaping and plant some new flowers to brighten things up. If you have a front porch add some outdoor furniture or spruce up any existing furniture with some new pillows. Add a new welcome mat by the front door and some potted plants will help the front entry look nice and vibrant.

7. Add Final Touches

Add Final Touches
Lastly, it’s important to add some finishing touches throughout the house. In the kitchen add a bowl of fresh fruit on the countertops, some fresh cut flowers strategically placed in the living room and bedrooms, and clean crisp towels in the bathrooms.

These little touches are very eye appealing but not distracting. Just be sure not to overdo it, so you don’t clutter the space.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

If you follow these tips for staging your home then you should have no problem selling your home in no time.

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