How To Decorate Your Home’s Windows For Halloween


Windows For Halloween

It’s that time of the year again, time to start planning for Halloween! There’s more to it than just stocking up on candy for your trick-or-treaters; you can delight your seasonal visitors with an authentically creepy atmosphere with just a little bit. When it comes to decorating your home for Halloween celebration, it is really important that you don’t neglect the impact that your windows can make on the overall effect.

Decorating windows with some of the tips we’re about to share with you is a fantastic way to give your guests a spooky welcome! All you need are some basic craft supplies you probably already have lying around. Give these Halloween window adornment tips a try if you want your house to be the-the scariest house on your street.

Fun, Family-Friendly Halloween Window Decor Inspiration

Spooky Creatures

Classics such as cobwebs and bats never go out of style. The bat cave filled with spiderwebs and bats caught up in their lair is bound to give your neighbours the heebie-jeebies!

The Wizard of Oz

This Wizard of Oz is a classic and all-time family favourite. Recreate a scene from the film by painting and twisting a sheet to create a twister, complete with Oz-themed elements. Flying debris can be simulated by suspending bits and pieces from your window from attached to fishing line.

Murder Mystery

Everyone knows the famous board game Clue. Pay homage to the murder mystery them by printing out the games playing cards as pictures of the murder weapons. Props from the junk drawer or in the garage will help you bring this whodunnit theme to life in your windows.


Ghosts peering out the window can make for very disconcerting decorations. Use white tissue paper to create ghosts with faces squashed up to the glass and watch as your guests recoil with fright.


If your house in on the corner, or features many street-facing windows? This is a great opportunity to place eerie-looking silhouettes at each window to make your home appear to be haunted. Your children will really enjoy getting involved to help you make the silhouettes, especially if you get them to trace outlines of themselves. To do this, get them to lie down on a large sheet of paper, and trace their outline (or get them to trace each others’) then let them paint their silhouettes sheer black.

Haunted House

Sticking with the silhouette concept, a gloomy-looking haunted house makes for a very creepy window! To construct one, simply cut black posterboard or cardstock into the shape of a spooky old mansion. To add to the eeriness, frame the silhouette with coloured tissue paper.

Monsters Inc.

If your kids are still quite young and you don’t want to send them to bed on Halloween with nightmares, then why not have a less scary monster themed window, a la Monsters Inc.

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