Decor Ideas For Your Teen’s Room

As teenagers grow, they may feel compelled to cling to their parents (the child in them), but they may also feel the need to forge their own path (the adult in them). Hence, the teenage is the period of self-discovery. For parents, it is essential to understand your teen’s need to grow up and become their person. One of the significant ways parents can support a teen’s self-discovery is to give them more freedom in creating a space that expresses their own tastes. In the same vein, parents can make such a space for a teenager by improving their room’s decor. 

The decor of a teen’s room can go a long way in enhancing their self-discovery and creativity power since most teens develop creativity by what they see regularly and could feel. Discussed below are decor ideas for your teen’s room;


Make a bookshelf display that reflects your teen’s unique personality. Show off any school-related sports trophies or ribbons. Because bookshelves only take up a small portion of the room, you can go for a bolder design with lots of personal touches to make your teen feel special—display photos of your child with friends in funky frames. Fill the shelves with favorite childhood keepsakes or books by your teen’s favorite authors.

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Decorate the Walls

The walls are always an excellent spot to start, and you can give your teen’s room an entirely fresh look with a bit of paint. If they are a fan of bold color, choose a rich jewel tone like ruby or a bright shade like lime to paint the room. For a teen who prefers a stark, modern look, you might pair crisp white walls with a single black accent wall. If they like urban street art, sew together some basic white sheets, cover an entire wall, and let the teen themselves use a can of spray paint to personalize it with their graffiti. With this, parents encourage creativity and independence.

On the other hand, you don’t have to use paint to dress up the room’s walls, though. For an elegant look for a teen’s room, parents can motivate the child to save up and buy frames from a mass merchandise store and use them to hold her artwork or photos, which reflect their passion and creativity. With this, they can place more value on the item they purchase themselves. Hence, a great source of motivation to push further in life bearing the “I can do anything” mindset. Hang the frames in a bold block to make the room feel like a posh gallery.

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Add a Creative Space

Creativity can take place anywhere, but it helps to have ample, open space. Your teen won’t be able to dance to the music if there isn’t anywhere for them to dance. When decorating your teen’s room, don’t fill every square inch. Dressers should be tucked into closets or moved out of the bedroom. Make sure your teen has enough space in the middle of the floor to build a fort or put on a show.

Teens who enjoy drawing, painting, or writing require a space to do so. Young painters will benefit from an easel setup, while those who sketch by hand will benefit from a flat-desk structure. For young writers, a desk is also an excellent place to work. Consider keeping a lap desk on hand for any budding writers or artists. Then, when your teen isn’t feeling well or just before bed, they can express themselves creatively without having to sit at a desk.


The decor of your teen’s room is essential because it impacts everything from their mood to their productivity and even their confidence. When a teen’s room is decorated in their preferred style, it emits positive energy that aids in leading a happy life. Moreso, if they find a small styling element that they like and incorporate it into their room, it has a beautiful way of lifting their spirits every time they see it.

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