Declutter Your Home: A Quick Guide

Decluttering your home is a massive task. No matter your reasons, you will need a bit of preparation to do it right.

Today, we want to share a quick guide to help set you in the right direction and inspire you towards a cleaner home.

Make a Plan

Make a Plan

Especially if you live in a big house, your decluttering will go nowhere without a proper plan. How you organize the cleaning is up to you, but be sure you leave enough time available to deal with it.

It could be helpful to choose a starter zone – a workspace, closet, or a counter. It will help you avoid being overwhelmed by the mess. Also, try to imagine the room or space after you finish – it’s a great motivator!

The Five Bin Method

The Five Bin Method
This method is excellent for speeding up the cleaning process. It’s simple, too. All you need to do is pick five bins for the following:

  • Putting away – use this one to go through the house and pick up items out of their designated spots.
  • Recycling – for paper, glass, and plastics.
  • Trash – for items that shouldn’t be around the house, but aren’t recyclable.
  • Fixing – you may have broken items around the home that you still keep. They go here.
  • Donating – the rest of the broken or unused items go in this bin.

Fill up the bins and see how you feel.

Tips for Quick Success

If you’re looking for a way to make quick progress, the following two areas are your best bets. Doing away with these tasks will make your home seem cleaner in no time.

Get Rid of Papers

The majority of clutter in most homes contains paper – documents, mail, bills, magazines. Get rid of those you don’t need.

However, if you don’t have time, there’s another thing you could do. Create a paper inbox for items you can’t go through right away. Then, put all your paper clutter there and tackle it from the box.

Remove the Cables

Remove the Cables
In today’s technology-driven homes, cables make rooms seem much messier than they are. When it comes to household cables, get a ready-made charging station to tidy up in minutes.
Remove the Cables
If you have a backyard and a lot of big cables running from one part of the house to another, you could use an underground conduit. Install cables beneath the ground and run electrical power to remote locations without a visible mess.

The Bottom Line

We are sure that decluttering will bring you a breath of fresh air. If this guide inspired you, go on and fill up at least one trash bin.

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