Deck The Halls: Christmas Decor For The Cooler Customers


Christmas Decor livingroom

There are things about Christmas we will never tire of. That is our friends, family and loved ones, the extra couple of days off work, how it’s acceptable to drink just after noon, and how we can eat three times our daily recommended calorie consumption without being judged.

Everything else, however, is just cliché. Break the mould and be different this year.

Hang the tree upside down
Christmas Hang the tree upside down
Apparently, this is a practise that can be traced back to the Middle Ages, one that originated in Eastern Europe. Which gives you ammunition for a bit of pretentious fun when the guests come around. But, for whatever reason you choose to hang the tree upside down, it certainly makes a statement. You’ll need good brackets to keep it in place, and even we’re not too sure how you’ll get the ribbons and baubles to defy gravity but, hey, it’ll look impressive.

Coffee cup baubles
Coffee cup baubles
You’re fiercely loyal to that one brand and the guests need to know it. Fortunately, pretty much all the large coffee chains have great designs this year. Put that caffeine addiction to good use and string a few up to the tree. You drink so much, you’ll have the thing filled up in no time.

Unleash your inner designer
little paper Christmas villages decor
There’s one thing money can’t buy and that’s your own partisanship. Although, this may take a bit of time – so be prepared. Some of our favourite designs include little paper Christmas villages which, with a well-placed light source, can bring them alive, resembling sleepy hollows at night with the lights on. Depending on your time and ingenuity, other designs can vary from two-dimensional animal ornaments to more complex, three-dimensional sculptures.

Alternatively, if you have children and want to get them involved, you could draw some pictures together, or design your own Christmas cards.

Bauble the beard
Bauble the beard
Still sporting a hipster beard? Then there’s a great opportunity to decorate it like you would the tree. You’re guaranteed to turn a few heads with beard-friendly robin’s nests, icicles, holly, and candy canes.

Have Halloween on Christmas instead

Black and yellow tinsel, with tiny pumpkin baubles and black cat wallpaper. Or don’t. We were just thinking of that Blink 182 song.

Stack some firewood
Christmas firewood decor
We’re not sure why firewood looks so homely and appealing in the house, but it does. Just – obviously – keep it away from any sources of open flame. If your house is old enough to have an actual fireplace, then use it.

(And yes, we’re aware having an open fireplace is a cliché, but to this, we make a special exception. Not everyone has a fireplace, making it all the more impressive for those that have.)

Go for the ‘smart’ look

Okay, if you’re not ready or inclined to try some of the more ‘out there’ suggestions we’ve listed then you can always stick to more familiar grounds, while at the same time keeping things fresh. Pick a theme, or a colour scheme, or a style at Taskers this Christmas for that original, yet familiar appeal.

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