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Among the wide range of lighting fixtures a separate category is crystal chandeliers made of Bohemian glass (Czech). They are elite models that are used by designers to decorate the interiors of castles, luxurious country apartments, parliaments, concert halls, opera houses.

Each crystal chandelier lamp is a work of art that attracts attention. Such lighting solutions are very appreciated by fans of luxury and wealth, they are chosen due to a number of advantages:

  • original design;
  • aesthetics of shapes and lines;
  • quality of materials;
  • Symbiosis of classic elements with modern trends.

Types of crystal chandeliers by mounting type

There are two main varieties of chandelier lamps. 

Suspension models

Their design is one or more plafonds, suspension for installation. A chain, string or cord is used as a suspension, through which electrical wires go to the sockets. The place where the wires are connected is masked by a cup-shaped decorative element, which is located on the side of the ceiling. Chandelier is mounted on a metal hook, which is mounted in the ceiling.

The advantage of this type of chandeliers is the ability to reduce the distance of the lighting fixture from the ceiling, by cutting a cord or string, reducing the number of chain links. Varieties of models of the pendant type include:

  1. Single chandelier lamps. These are chandeliers with a single lamp. Convenient for zoning kitchen rooms, where you need to light the dining table.
  2. With a paired number of lamps, triple. Hanging-type lamps are on the bar, due to which the lighting of separate zones or small rooms will be convenient.
  3. Classic variants with three or five horns. Provide an even distribution of light flow.
  4. Tiered. The use of such devices provides the brightest possible light. Crystal tiered chandeliers look harmonious in complex interiors.

Pendant chandeliers made of Bohemian crystal are the best option for rooms with high ceilings.


Ceiling models

These are lighting fixtures whose design consists of a special mounting bar and an element decorating the mounting area (from which the plafonds are derived). Light sources can be mounted directly in the chandelier.

Fixation of the mounting bar is carried out by self-tapping screws close to the ceiling, to give an aesthetic appearance uses an element that resembles a plate, tightly fitted to the ceiling. Crystal ceiling chandeliers made of Bohemian glass are used in rooms where the ceiling height is standard or small.

Model differences

In addition to the method of installation chandelier lighting ceiling and suspended type differ from each other 

  • the number of light sources;
  • design;
  • the power of the light output;
  • size and weight;
  • color;
  • other parameters.

All these factors should be taken into account when choosing a chandelier. Only the correctly selected model will provide good lighting, will be in harmony with other items, decorative elements.

Crystal chandelier design

The variety of designs of Bohemian crystal lighting fixtures is strikingly gorgeous. A wide range of models allows you to choose chandelier lighting for different interiors – from classic to modern.

With metal horns

These models have an expensive and rich appearance. They belong to the category of classic lighting fixtures. For the manufacture of horns is usually used brass or other metal, the surface of which may have a coating, or be without it.

Crystal chandeliers with metal horns are elegant nobility and luxury, ideal forms, smooth curves, inherent in the classic style. The decoration of such models is crystal pendants. Having a unique cut, they shimmer and shimmer, creating lighting that captivates.

With glass horns

It is the best choice for interiors decorated in a classic style. But due to their elegance and versatility, crystal chandeliers with glass horns will also decorate any interior in a modern style.

The horns are made of strong glass, which gives the models an exquisite and extraordinary style. Crystal decorative pendants create a unique sparkle in the room where the chandelier is installed, completely transform it. 


Chandeliers from the Maria Theresa collection

They are luxurious chandelier lighting, striking in their splendor and elegance. The first chandeliers in this collection were manufactured to coincide with the coronation of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, and later this name stuck with these chandeliers.

The distinctive feature of the chandeliers from this collection is the presence of metal horns in gold or silver color, framed by crystal pipes. They accurately copy the curve of the horn, for their connection use crystal “rosettes” decorated with crystal pendants of various shapes.

Cast brass chandeliers

These are stylish models that look expensive and rich. Cast brass chandeliers can be with or without a coating on the metal. During use, a noble patina is formed on the surface of the brass, which gives the chandeliers an aged look. Cast brass chandeliers are decorated with crystal pendants creating a mesmerizing play of light.

Where to use

Crystal chandeliers are lighting fixtures that are used:

  1. In the interiors of residential areas – bedrooms, guest rooms, dining rooms, and others.
  2. When decorating the interiors of expensive hotels, restaurants, private clubs, opera houses and other commercial premises.

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