Crossover SUV Watch: 2019 Ford Edge

The most well rounded vehicle on the market today has got to be the crossover SUV, which offers the power and ruggedness you’d expect from a larger SUV while offering the handling of a much smaller, sportier car. Whether you need to navigate busy urban cores, haul groceries or oddly-shaped and bulky cargo, or drive safely through difficult terrain or adverse road conditions, the crossover SUV can do it all.

The market for these vehicles is growing, yet the all new for 2019 Ford Edge — with its style, power, and intelligence — is still a standout. Read on to learn why.

Undeniable Style

Undeniable Style

You’ll see heads turn to check out the 2019 Ford Edge whenever you drive past, as the sleek lines on the exterior, its redesigned grill and lights are sure to grab attention. The interior was also designed for beauty, comfort and practicality.

Inside and out, you and everybody who see it will love the way the Ford Edge looks.

Performance under the Hood

Performance under the Hood
The Ford Edge ST delivers power you’ll love whether you’re passing trucks on the highway or trying to navigate adverse Canadian weather. With 335 horsepower and 380-lb.ft. of torque, the motor on this crossover SUV has the toughness to get you wherever you need to go.

The engine features a light compact graphite iron engine block and aluminum heads. The 2.7L V6 turbocharged EcoBoost engine is something you need to feel to believe, so don’t hesitate to come for a test drive. Reading about cars only takes you so far, but it’s something else altogether to be behind the wheel.

Smart Features

In addition to style and toughness, the new Ford Edge has various driver-assist features that make the road safer for everybody on it, help reduce your carbon footprint, and help keep the driver and passengers entertained.

The Ford Edge has the most available driver-assist technology in its class. From cameras that help you know where other vehicles are at all times, and sensors to help you parallel or perpendicularly park, you’ll love the futuristic features available today. Ford Co-Pilot 360 Technology will help you drive with confidence!
Smart Features
Auto Start-Stop technology comes standard on SE 2.9L EcoBoost FWD models, and reduces the amount of fuel consumed and vehicles emissions produced while city driving. When the vehicle stops, the engine turns off automatically, and restarts seamlessly as soon as your foot steps off the brake pedal.

The Ford Edge also offers wireless charging, so you don’t need to fumble with cords to keep your phone charged. Ford Sync 3 is now compatible with Waze, the popular app that gives mapping and gives updates on traffic jams, road hazards in real time. Use Waze through the vehicle’s own screen, or use the voice commands for hands-free control while you’re driving.

Just like the crossover SUV is popular today for good reason, drivers are flocking to the Ford Edge for the combination of power, style and smart features it offers at a compelling price point. Come to your local Ford dealership today to check out a vehicle you’re sure to love driving for years.

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