Creative Ways To Decorate With Curtains


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Curtains are an everyday part of life. That sounds a little strange when read aloud, but it is certainly true. Anywhere you go, there is a good chance a curtain will be peeking at you from somewhere. 

It is also very likely that you would have seen them mostly on windows. You might think this is a ridiculous statement to make considering that yes, curtains are typically meant for windows. And you are not wrong. 

However, us humans are magnificent creatures and we tend to put a creative spin on the everyday. This includes using this age-old, yet timeless window furnishing, as so much more than that. Curtains have the power to characterise a room all on their own, and can be beautifully tailored to your own taste and preferences. 

There are two main types of fabrics when it comes to curtains: Blockout and sheer. As you may have already guessed, they are exactly what they sound like; fabric that blocks out light, and fabric that diffuses light. Combining the two often leads to stunning results, especially when you add heading styles, bandings and trims.

Take a minute to think about how you would use curtains around your home, with the exception of windows. Then come back to this, and see if you may have found some new ideas. We would love to hear yours!

Frame an Entry Door

Doorways need doors. Right?

Not quite. That is like saying curtains are only for windows. Depending on what the door is meant to conceal, a curtain will work well too. The French call this a ‘portière’, derived from the French word for door: Porte. And in fact, history has found evidence of its use dating back to the 4th century. Though these were then reserved for wealthier households, thankfully they are more accessible to us today.

For example, sheer curtains are beautiful additions to walk-in closets or wardrobes. They help create a softer look, and are much easier to deal with than doors. 

Blockout curtains can also be used in photography studios and media rooms to separate spaces and darken them when needed. 

You do not need to use a curtain instead  of a door unless it is your preference. You can use both; for instance a door to a balcony could be beautifully framed with a sheer curtain. If you have flower pots or plants to show off, this could be a great way to do that.

Adding personal touches like banding and trims can take it a step further as well. Explore the widest range of Blockout curtains available and take your options to the drawing board for some decision-making.

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Add Privacy to a Bed or Reading Nook

Ah that feeling of curling up with a good book in a cosy nook is priceless. If your home has a designated reading nook, there is so much you can do to make it comfortable. 

Maybe one of the most annoying things is being disturbed when you are engrossed in a far away adventure. And one of the best ways to get some privacy, is of course by hanging a curtain. Quick, hide from the kids!

Using a ‘portière’, will not only make your reading nook much cosier, you can easily keep it separate from the rest of the house. You can designate it as your own zone, so whenever you need a breather, you have somewhere to go. Just be sure that there is plenty of light in your reading nook as well.

Did you know that you can use curtains for your bed too? Officially called bed hangings/ bed curtains depending on how the term is used, they add an extra layer of privacy. This too has seeped into our world today from medieval times in the 19th century, and modern spins have made the concept more contemporary. It can give off a grandiose look, very regal and classy. 

Create Separate Spaces

Doors are of course the most common room-separating apparatus that we know of, but curtains have been doing the same for centuries before us. Additionally, they can do it by changing up the overall look and feel of the room for an instant upgrade.

This way of doing things is very common particularly in hot, tropical countries, where you need to have a constant breeze blowing through the house to keep it cool. Using doors for privacy can make the space hot and stuffy, and that poses a problem when visitors drop by. You cannot leave the doors open with no coverage as that reduces privacy. So as a compromise, curtains work well in such cases and are excellent for designating separate spaces.

We are often also asked about the best maintenance for curtains. When it comes to how to clean your curtains, the best thing is to treat any stains, wash them and hang them out to dry. We recommend line-hanging, and not the dryer.

Add Privacy & Style Outdoors 

Be it indoors or outdoors, privacy is key to making you feel really relaxed. How can you soak up the sun in your backyard when your next door neighbour is watching you from behind the fence? Or how about when they come to chit-chat every single time you step out? 

It is during these times you wish you had an invisibility shield, but since that is not an option we go for the next best thing; curtains of course.

Now you may be wondering, ‘Curtains? Outside?’ 

To which we say, ‘Yes. Curtains. Outside.’

When it comes to interior design, thinking out-of-the-box will always keep you ahead of the curve. Plus, using curtains for privacy is a much more cost-effective option than, say, opting for shutters and blinds. It is not only simple to do, but also an efficient way to block views around your patio or verandah without hassle. 

You may wonder if they can withstand harsh weather conditions such as scorching heat and torrential downpours, and you will be glad to know that yes, they can. Today’s fabrics are built to be tough against the elements, protecting you too in the process. Stay safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays as you take in some fresh air in your garden.

We hope this has given you some valuable insight into how you can use curtains beyond their typical use cases. It is also useful for when you are comparing blinds and curtains online. If you are wondering how to hang curtains the right way, get in touch with us and let us discuss the different options you might have. We can help you personalise your curtains to suit your space just the way you like it.

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