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Creative Ideas for Your Bathroom

 Today people prefer to be more original rather than traditional. You can see this tendency in many spheres of life, and of course in house’s rebuilding. Almost every year you can see how the trends are changing in regard to the bathroom, kitchen, living room and other parts of the house’s remodeling and it’s becoming more and more individual and unique. This is indeed a great tendency as many people now can express themselves through some small but important details and to live in place where they can feel comfortable and “at home”.

Here we just gathered some interesting ideas which you can use to make your bathroom look as you wish and according to your own preferences. It’s a good basis for making your imagination work and to improve your current design of the bathroom.

Classic tiles

 Classic style is always fashionable but only if you put it right. Nowadays there is a tendency of putting traditional things but with modern adjustment. Small tiles ala “subway” in Western Europe of 20th century is one of such examples. It always looks tiny and neutral but the same time add some sense of old-fashion atmosphere. The greatest advantage of this type of the interior is that you are free to choose within various combinations, colors, complexity of the tiles while still keeping the standards.  

You can also play with contrast, and it’s not necessarily the different colors of the tiles themselves. You can just use the darker color of the grouting to make a nice and unusual combination for your bathroom. On the other hand, this improvisation can be quite challenging so if you decide to try something new and trendy, you should firstly check the options with the designer.  

White colors for the tiles are a winning option as you can easily adjust it for any interior and even if in the future you will decide to make some changes or improvements such a basis will always match. Basically, not only white color is a universal decision – you can use almost every color unless the shapes and position of the tiles remain neutral. Moreover, in case of the dark tints you can make an additional contrast with white sink and bathtub but such a contrast can be more difficult in regard to the finding a prefect balance between adventurousness and extravagance.


 As we know, the fashion is cyclical, and what was popular many years and even centuries ago can be in trend again. And mosaic as a part of the bathroom decoration is a great example.  

It doesn’t mean that overall interior you will have to keep within the same antique style – correct mosaic scheme can be applicable even in the most modern interior and will not look weird or inappropriate.

 Also, you can create a real picture on the walls and ceiling while using the mosaic which will help you to make your bathroom the most interesting and favorite place of the house. The only potential problem here is that with time you can get tired of the same scene but in this case it’s not that difficult to replace the picture with another one or to make it less bright and colorful.

 As an alternative, you can also try to consider the option of placing the mosaic tiles on the floor. The only exception in this case is the bathroom with stairs or doorsteps as it can be pretty easy not to notice them within mosaic decoration. 

Another nice combination with the usage of the mosaic is dealing with different shapes. You can even try to use the columns if the size of the room allows it – that is how you can create an antique atmosphere with the touch of creativity. For example, red mosaic on the column together with white or black floor will add a real charm even to a small bathroom.

Modern alternative to the tiles

 Despite the fact the tiles are still considered to be the most practical and common material for the bathroom remodeling, nowadays you can meet some other options which still will be safe and will let you to enjoy good conditions of the room for pretty long time. And one of the latest examples is moisture resistant emulsions of different colors which you can use even in the most humid areas. It’s also a great opportunity to make an accent on the main part of the bathroom – bathtub as there will be nothing that distract attention (unless you would prefer to make the walls of some bright and exotic colors). 

 Another option which will look even more interesting is using of moisture resistant plaster and special laminate which has stronger characteristics. Here is extremely important to use only high-quality materials which were checked by the professional company to avoid wasting of time and money if the materials will be spoiled by moisture in few months (or years).

 Brick walls in bathrooms are becoming more and more popular exactly with the same reason – they can keep good condition for pretty long but only if you arrange a proper cleaning and care. Otherwise, you can also choose less effort intensive but still looking nice artificial variants of the brick walls.

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Nature tints

We all got used to the idea that modern apartments and houses should look fashionable while suburb houses and villas are more affected by the nature influence. But in reality, you can also transform your bathroom into something which will make you forget that you are not on holiday at some lovely spot in the forest. Wooden details, mostly brown or reddish-brown colors, eco-materials – it’s just a few examples of what you can use to make the bathroom look comfier for you. Also, if you decide to use more natural materials (or their replacements) such as stone, marble and many others, you can be assured that the room will look extremely unique and attractive. And if you have a nice view outside of the balcony or the room, it can be useful to have at least one big window which will provide you with more light without paying more for the electricity.

 The same time, it’s not necessary to use only natural materials if you want to refresh the design of your bathroom – just a few wooden elements can be already enough to create warmer and cozier atmosphere. For example, you can place some wooden panels beside the main mirror which will create a special accent in the room without sacrificing your preferences in regard to the other decorative elements.

Colorful ceramic tiles

 If you are still up to the bright colors, some accents done with colorful ceramic tiles can be a great and not very difficult and expensive opportunity for you to arrange interesting interior. As we all are usually starting our day in the bathroom, it can be a really good idea to arrange it in pink, yellow, red, blue, green and other colors, and here you should not limit yourself with the choice of only one or two of them – the more the better. Just one part of the wall arranged in this way will definitely make your mood for the rest of the day. 

 One of the popular solutions is to use Arabic motive as on its own it already involves brightness and numerous colors. And to make it fit the overall interior of the bathroom you can just add some small details like decorative candlesticks, aroma lamps and some others (by the way, it will also help you to arrange some kind of SPA in your bathroom for the full relaxation at the end of the day).

 If you are not willing to make too big difference within the interior of different rooms of the house but still want to make it more fashionable, you can choose just one color and play with its different tints. Luckily, nowadays you can easily find the tiles and other elements of décor in dozens of variations of the same color. The most neutral but still very attractive combination will be in tints of brown, blue, purple and grey but of course your preferences can lead you to another solution. Even pink bathroom can be a very stylish and the same time not extravagant design solution.


 Many people mistakenly think that curtains in the bathroom is the echo of the past. But in reality, you can use this element not only to protect the room from the drops of water from the shower but also to add some additional personal touch. As a new tendency, you can arrange an ensemble between the curtains in the shower and on the windows, you can even use the same materials for that. Of course, in this case you need to be pretty careful about the materials themselves as you still need to take into account the practical part of the curtains’ usage in the bathroom, but in case of any doubts you can always check the most appropriate options with the professional.

 Even if you don’t have the necessity of using the curtains for shower, you still need to adjust the color and facture of the windows curtains. Quite often people ignore this side of the interior but it can significantly affect the whole atmosphere and to make it both more comfortable or more stressful.

 Additional reason of using the curtains can be the separation of the zones, especially in case of the small bathroom (some apartments even have bathroom inside the bedroom and in this case such a detail is indeed irreplaceable). As an alternative, you can also pay your attention to the wooden separators of different shapes and colors – with them it can be even easier to keep the same style and design both of the room and of the bathroom.


One mirror in the bathroom is definitely not enough unless you are using this room only for the most basic daily routine. The more mirrors you have, the lighter your bathroom will provide you which is especially crucial considering the fact that many people are using this room early in the morning or late at night. Just one short visit in the specialized shop will show you so many options, starting from the huge mirrors for the whole wall and ending with small flexible items you can use when you need them as they are easy to move or hide. 

 Finally, the most important tip we can give you is not to be afraid of changes and modern technologies. It’s not always about the fashion but also about the daily convenience and comfort for you and your family. Bathroom should become a place for relaxation and therefore you need to take advantage of everything that modern producers can offer. And you need to remember that usually there is no big necessity of rebuilding the whole bathroom (at least, not that often), but it’s always better to arrange some small changes on a regular basis. 

 You can find the examples of the ideas mentioned above in their various combinations and executions almost in every remodeling magazine of the modern contractors. Your main task in this regard is to choose the one which fits both your expectations and the original possibilities for the bathroom rebuilding.

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