Creative DIY Ideas for Gardening Enthusiasts


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Having a very own garden is a lifesaver on many occasions. It’s your haven and a sanctuary from the busy and stressful outside. A practical charging station for your mental batteries and, it can also do wonders for your health. If you have a backyard, that is just sitting there, like a blank canvas, and simply don’t know what to do with it, we can offer a few solutions. Getting in touch with nature is beneficial for your health and provides an outlet when you need some alone time. 

Gardens are also a meeting place for friends and families, barbeques, parties, and more. Whatever you decide, they can be. Imagination and google searches are what separates you from the vision you have. Also, if you want to redecorate or want to breathe some fresh air into your existing backyard garden, then look no further.  Making a little slice of heaven, right around your house has never been easier. Check here for fairy garden supplies.

Using pallets

If you have some dusty old pallets, or some of your friends or neighbours want to get rid of them, then you just found a perfect decoration. Aiming to bring that rustic look is perfect with wooden pallets as they are versatile and durable. They can be next to, or with a bit of elbow grease on the wall, to provide a unique place to hang your pots and plants. 

You can paint them over if you wish to add a dash of colour to your garden and, it protects them from the elements. Practically, you can hang any plant from them or you can even use them in other ways. Hang some backyard equipment or use them as a base to weave some LED lighting. Your creativity is the only limit here.

Shelves save space

Compact yards make every inch count. Having pots just laying around willy-nilly all over the place may appeal to some. But if you are looking to organize and make things neat, then shelving is the way to go. Shelves can save valuable space as you raise your pots onto various levels. Or they can have a theme, where you put just certain plants on one and some on others. 

You can even play with the colours of the plants and arrange them in a way that appeals to you. It’s your place, after all, so your rules apply. You can even make tiered shelves, where some are high up on the wall, some are in the middle, and the rest are beneath. With such a design you can fit in a great many plants with minimal space used.


An excellent project that can keep you occupied for a bit and yield great results is using barrels in your backyard. Unusual and multiracial, barrels can be put anywhere and even made centrepieces. Putting plants on top is one way to decorate them, but you can use hooks to decorate on the sides and use the top as a table. Or, if you want, you can saw them in half, fill them with dirt and make unique vases. This requires a bit of woodworking know-how, but the results will make you stand out from the neighbours and, you can be proud of what you made.

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Decorate the shed

The very word doesn’t even sound appealing but we are here to change it, as well as your backyard. Why just leave a simple, wooden, or metal shed in your backyard when you can use what you have? Use walls to hang pots or, you can first paint over them and then decorate with plants. 

The shed protects your good and reliable garden equipment from the element so, it deserves some love and affection. After all, you will need the tools from inside to make your visions a reality and to cultivate and nurture your dream garden. As sheds are usually part of gardens, it makes sense to incorporate and fuse them.

Greenhouse for a greener life

Have access to fresh vegetables all year long is a luxury that is obtainable by many. Making a greenhouse is a worthwhile investment as you can grow and harvest many plants all year long. As was the case with the tool shed, which protects your garden equipment, Greenhouses offer protection from the elements to your plants. With them, you don’t have to worry about sudden snow, hail, or similar as they are by design, able to withstand those and help your plants during harsh weather. 

Usually used on large, industrial levels to provide us with favourite and necessary vegetables during the whole year, you can adapt the same principle. Scaled-down, of course, to the size of your backyard. As was the case with the tool shed, you can also utilize the walls so that your greenhouse blends in perfectly with your garden.

Splashing colours

The first association we have with gardens is the colour green, which is understandable. But if you look to break the mono-colour choice, from painting (as we previously mentioned above) to various plants, there is a lot on your colour palette. Picking and choosing don’t have to be complicated, as you can start with your favourite colour and go from there. As an additional option, don’t limit yourself just to flowers, or just to vegetables. 

Mixing it up can do wonders and make surprises. For example, tomatoes are red, which goes nicely with the greenery and, you can plant any other similar colour flower nearby. Just think of colour in general and adapt the combination of flowers and vegetables to your vision and idea. In this way, you are sure to create something new and unique.

Hanging gardens

The first thing that comes to mind here is various species of vines and maybe even specific kinds of roses. But you can always think outside the box and down the pole. Tomatoes, pole beans, cucumber, and pumpkins are just some of the many great examples out there. They can naturally grow and turn into vines, have very colourful flowers when they are in bloom. 

Their produce is something that can also look good and, we don’t even have to start on the taste, as everything homegrown simply tastes better. Also, you can put the hanging pots just about everywhere. Pergolas are just one example that just aches to be decorated by plants and fruits dangling down. And as you are slouching in the shade, all you need to do is stretch out your hand and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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Versatile Garden beds

You can make most garden beds from wood, and you can use them in gardens where you aim for a more orderly look. One box can be for a certain plant or a type of colour of various plants. You can make miniature gardens, spread out in multiple beds around your backyard. Maybe even step it up a notch where each gardening bed can be a set of specific plants from one area of a continent and, then you can make themed beds from around the world. Of course, not all plants can live in every climate but, you can be pleasantly surprised with what you can find with a bit of research. Making your perfect garden is not a sprint, but a marathon.

Outdoor plumbing

If you have some PVC pipes just lying there is no need to throw them away. You can adapt them to unusual and original plant pots. Drill or cut holes in them, fill them with soil (stuff them thru), and plant whatever it is you wish. The opening must be enough for your plant to sprout and, it makes it a lot easier to water them. You can lay several pipes on top of each other and create a cascade of plants with a bit of fiddling around. Each tier can be its plant type and, while vines are perfect for this type of thing, small, bushy plants are also adaptable to this scenario. 

Mobile gardening areas

Who says that gardens are static, immobile things? We are here to break the moulds and offer daring new ideas so you can stand out in the field. Wheelbarrows can do just that. If you are tired of seeing the same garden layout every day or are a more dynamic person by nature, then you can plant just about anything we mentioned so far in handy wheelbarrows. You can move them around in your garden for a fresh change of scenery. And if you are planting seasonal plants, wheelbarrows can be stored for the next season, meanwhile offering you a clean slate to plan your future garden.

Decorate your pet’s home

If you have a doghouse, it can become an integrated part of the overall picture and design. The roof of their home can be treated as a surface area on which you can put a plant bed, for example. This, in turn, makes them an integrated part of your garden and, plants growing on top of their home provide shade, pleasant scent and keep their home cooler by a few degrees. All of this comes from a single, simple implementation of plants on top of them. Making this a quick, easy and worthwhile thing to consider.

Sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labour is one of the best feelings in the world. There is no denying that gardening, all aspects of it, takes some time, effort, and creativity but, the output can simply be breathtaking. Lounging in your chair, being surrounded by various fragrant smells of hand-picked plants can be a form of aromatherapy. Picking plants that you grew and making delicious meals for your family is a satisfying experience. 

Having guests that are astounded and dazzled by the colours and setup you made, while drinking, eating, and talking in your little slice of heaven makes for an unforgettable experience.  All that is left now, is for you to start implementing your vision into a reality. One that will set you apart from everyone else and make you all giddy on the thought of coming home to a relaxing and beautiful garden.

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