Creating A Family Friendly Outdoor Space That’s Still Chic



If you and your family love to spend more time outdoors, well, you need to step back and have a look at the outdoor space you have. Whether it is the backyard or the garden in front, it should be safe and stylish for the family and be colorful, durable, and kid-friendly.

The outdoor space at your home should look warm and inviting, and your kids should want to go out and play all the time. There must be an outdoor sectional big enough to seat everyone apart from the playful activities.  After all, at times, you would prefer to have a quiet corner to yourself.

However, turning your outdoor space into a family-friendly space can be quite a challenge. The task can be difficult, especially if you have little clue on how and where to start. 

All you need to do is go through the following pointers to steer in the right direction and create a great outdoor space that is just perfect for all.


Create different zones– Start with visualization and see how the outdoor space is used. Children and adults would of course, want to use outdoor space in different ways. Therefore, make sure that there are different areas in the landscape design to play sports and have fun and another one where the adults can sit and relax.

Foliage, greenery, and colors – Use plenty of foliage in the outdoor space, and it must have at least one tree. Consider incorporating lots of green grass for the outdoors that feels fresh and soft for the young ones as they play and jump around. Add some colors with careful choices of which flowers you would want and where. Do not plant any toxic plants or the ones that can easily cause allergies.

Build paths and add play equipment – Give your garden a neat and organized look by creating paved areas for skateboards and bikes and even for pushing prams or wheelchairs. Later, add some swings and playhouses in specially designated areas. Do not forget your pets, as they too need their own space to run and dig in the garden.

Provide shade and sun protection – If your family is sued to staying outdoors, they will need protection from the sun. So, make sure that there is enough shade during summer, especially around sandpits. You can always use a sun umbrella and place it as and when needed.

Set up a water feature – No outdoor space is compelled without a water feature, and adding a pond is a great idea as it enriches the ecosystem around. You will soon find plenty of birds, insects, and other animals favoring your garden over others. Moreover, it is a great way to introduce the kids to nature and let them coolest tadpoles or identify an insect.

As you can see, creating an outdoor space that is safe and fun for your family is not a difficult task at all. All you need to do if follow the guidelines above.

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