Create Your Dream Backyard Bar With Gap Container Conversions


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Since our first foray into lockdowns in 2020, the garden or backyard bar became one of the biggest renovation trends around. 

According to research from Clink, 2.7 million home bars were created during the lockdowns, meaning that chances are we all know at least one home that has one.  

With over 10% of homes across the UK now enjoying their own home bar, can a shipping container conversion give the rest of us backyard bar beginners an easy, DIY- free option? 

Container conversions remove the DIY drama 

If you would love a private pub of your own but are a bit of a novice with a drill, a shipping container conversion is the solution for you. 

Gap Containers will pick your brains over a one-to-one consultation, then, while working within your budget, will transform and modify a used shipping container into the backyard bar of your dreams. 

Designed to your exact specifications, after a few simple decisions, you’ll have nothing more to do than choose décor and start stocking up! 

Decide where to place your dream bar 

You may already have a position in mind for your garden bar – perhaps you’ve got a neglected area at the bottom of the garden that’s crying out for a secret speakeasy. 

Or maybe you’d prefer your bar to be closer to the house to make it easier for guests to find. 

Either way, proper placement for your home bar is worthy of some thought, as this will also dictate what size shipping container is best for your project. 

Benefits of putting the garden bar close to the house 

  • Less strenuous restocking – you won’t have to carry bottles and ice across the garden.
  • Easy for people to access.
  • Shorter route to amenities such as the WC, your bed, and the kitchen for essential snacks.

Benefits of putting the bar at the bottom of the garden

  • Buffers noise away from the house and neighbours.
  • Increases privacy.
  • Feels more like a destination. 

No matter where you choose to add your backyard bar, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it’s unlikely you’ll need planning permission. Temporary structures such as bottom-of-the-garden boozers are allowed under Permitted Development rules – though you should always double-check to be on the safe side! 

dream backyard bar 2

Decide on your dream design

When you start to design your bar, you’ll likely be choosing from two main designs, an indoor or outdoor bar.  

  • An indoor bar

This design allows you to fit a bar structure into the back or the corner, while also giving you covered places to sit within the container. This means that no matter the weather, you can sit back and relax in your outdoor alehouse. 

This design is also ideal for those looking to install expensive extras in their bars, such as gaming machines or flat-screen TVs, as they will be kept dry and safe from inclement weather and are fully enclosed, making them more secure. 

  • Outdoor bars

If you prefer to spend more time outside, why not use the whole container as your outdoor garden bar? 

The hinged, fold-down segments can be used as shelters and a bar top can be fitted between the segment and the remaining container walls, similar to what you can see in the first image.

This style of bar maximises indoor space in the bar area, perfect for those who need extra appliances or want to hook up pub essentials such as pumps to barrels and snack fridges. 

It also allows your visitors to sit at the bar top on chic barstools, watching you whizz up margaritas or perfect the foam on their pint while enjoying the sunshine on their skin. 

Absolute bliss. 

Decide on the décor for your backyard bar aesthetic

The final step is arguably the most fun part. 

Clink found that popular aesthetics for lockdown garden bars included those based on real pubs (21%), beach bars (21%), and modern décor (33%), but you’re free to personalise your private public house as you wish. 

So, whether you embrace the girls’ night out vibe and paint it all pink, go for an understated, romantic atmosphere with soft candlelight, or follow a natural theme to match your garden surroundings, you can follow your heart.  

Contact Gap Containers to design your very own backyard bar 

To find out more about the vast options available to those looking for shipping container conversions to create your very own garden bar, reach out to us today. 

We create bespoke designs for every customer, so let us help you achieve the garden bar of your dreams. 

Simply call us on 0870 240 9405 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get your garden cocktail bar project underway. 

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