Create a Flawless Reading Nook in Time for Winter



Let’s paint a picture: the sight of snow through an open window, the smell of a cobbler cooking away in the kitchen, a warm pillow at your neck, and the crisp bending of paper underneath your finger. Winter can be challenging in many regards, but these quiet moments make the season special.

To make the most of the mostly-indoor season, try creating a comforting reading nook. Like all the best home projects, a reading nook elevates your existing space and creates a special sanctuary in the home. Plus, it boosts the overall aesthetic and function of the house, increasing the resale value.

Whether you prefer the intricate narratives of a bulky novel or the quick thrills of an impulse-buy magazine, you need somewhere special to unwind and read. Use the following tips to create your own flawless reading nook this fall – just in time for winter!

Flawless Reading Nook in Time for Winter

Find a Quiet Corner

The first step in crafting the perfect reading nook is location scouting. Find somewhere relatively isolated from the mayhem of the home. The last thing you want is a reading nook right next to a gaming 12-year-old.

When scouting the perfect corner, take into consideration natural light as well. You want your reading nook to be brightly lit, and you want the option to stare out the window every page or so to watch the snowflakes gently descend on the trees.

Create Space with a Bay or Bow Window

Now that you have your perfect corner, the remodeling begins! Research different types of windows to find out which one suits your space best. To add depth to your reading nook – giving it the classic “enclosed” feel – consider installing bay or bow windows.

Bay windows are (usually) three-paneled windows: a central panel flanked by two more panels generally at a 45-degree angle. They protrude from the wall, adding enough extra space to a room to comfortably seat an avid reader. Bow windows are simply curved semi-circular bay windows.

Flawless Reading Nook in Time for Winter1

Design with Natural Materials

When you think of a relaxing reading nook, what type of materials do you picture? Brushed metal, plastic, and vinyl composite flooring? Probably not. You think of natural materials.

As you design your reading nook with furniture and fixtures, keep it natural:

  • Go for a walnut chaise longue or a teak chair.
  • Place lush, potted plants in a wicker holder.
  • Hang linen curtains.
  • Drape an elegant wool blanket on the chair.

Make Comfort a Priority

Too often, homeowners prioritize aesthetics over comfort. This may work for certain spaces in the home, but it doesn’t jive with the reading nook. The primary function of this space is to keep you cozy and relaxed. Add those plush pillows, and then add some more! Swap that bony chair out for one that you can sink into. Don’t lose sight of why you’re creating this reading nook: to build a sanctuary in the home.

To make the most of your winter indoors, pick up this easy home remodeling project today. With a bright statement window, natural design features, and comfortable accents, you can create the ideal reading refuge today.

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