Country Homes Interior Designs By Country Life Magazine

Folks have been interested in Homes Interior Designs of their home. They want to combine or mix and match the latest trends with the other ideas which are suitable for their personal taste. If your personal taste is something related to Country thing, then this post is perfect for you.

Hereby I would like to share Country Homes Interior Designs By Country Life Magazine. So, what’s in there? Allright, first of all, I would like to tell you some unique ideas which can make other people envy.

First of all, storage under the stairs. You can make cabinets under the stairs to keep books, clothes, or any other stuff you want. How cool is that? The second thing, herbal garden. It seems like Country thin get into you. You even plant your own veggies and fruits so that you will get daily fresh items to cook. And if I have long blank paper, I can jot 1 million ideas down right onto your screen. But it is impossible. So, I will just stick to the Country Homes Interior Designs By Country Life Magazine.

When talking about theme based bed rooms, the Homes Interior Designs will force you to be creative and use themes in every room in your house. For instance, you can have certain Country items on the walls. The closet and the cupboard can also be designed as the Country style.

If you don’t have sources, Country Homes by Country Life Magazine is a great start.

Country Life is the decent magazine for all who want to have rural lifestyle and lustful experience. Whether you live in town or in the country, it does not matter. You can enjoy the Country Nuance here. There are certain unique elements right in this post such as glass interior doors, table and window, dining table, or even an extending glass dining table, kitchen room, Wooden house in Idyllic Vadstena, log house, and many more. See the pictures to know further.

Country Life Food & Wine is published six times a year. For the subscribe magazine go to the official website here :

THE HIDDEN GLASS Homes Interior Design

1960s piano Sofia has received from his mother.
1960s Piano

Glass doors are custom made in a carpentry to fit. The beautiful table, the family sat together yourself of stained rough planks from DIY stores and trestles from Ikea.
Dining Room Interior Design

Table and Window


The solid pardörrarna leading out to the glass porch found the family on the block. Floor tiles are from Build Factory. The old kitchen table.
Dining Table And Kitchen Room Design

Dining Table And Kitchen Room

Between the kitchen and living room, the family has opened up, just for the sake of simplicity, but it also created a beautiful inflow of light.
Sofa with Blue Color


The generous country kitchen has windows on three sides. Here you’ll find one of the many odd, beautiful chairs around the long wooden table.
generous country kitchen

Old Wooden House To Renovate

The iron bed is from Ikea. Checkered flanellakane from Lexington. Wall lights coming from Amazon. The two clocks shows partly local time, and the time in America where one of Anna’s closest female friends live.
iron bed with bedroom interior design

The paintings are a Josef Frank fabric that Anna cut out and framed. The chair is an antique deck chair, bought at a flea market. The sofa and leather armchair comes from the Artwood. Hemp-mat, Mio.
paintings on wall


Home interior Designs photographer Marie Delice Karlsson in turn of the century house in Västergötland Björketorp Christmas is in full swing.
Beautiful Bathroom

Dining Table and Interior Design


The bedroom is in blue tones. Fine linens like these from US Polo is Sara everyday.
Bathroom and Bedroom Interior Design


Auction Bargains and heirlooms makes dinning personal snug.
dinning room interior design

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