Could Galvanizing Paint Help Protect Your Outdoor Metal Furniture?


Protect Your Outdoor Metal Furniture

When the weather is warm and fine (and often, even when it’s not!), we Brits love nothing more than stripping down to our summer clothes and spending time in our gardens. Whether it’s because we have learnt to make the most of nice weather as it’s often in short supply, or simply because we don’t like being cooped up inside, the al fresco way of life is becoming increasingly popular here in the UK, with more and more of us investing in outdoor kitchens, installing decks, and splurging on fancy garden furniture. 

On the subject of garden furniture, steel and iron are popular choices of materials thanks to their sleek, minimalistic appeal and durability, but all too often, people forget to protect their chairs and tables with galvanising Zinga Paint to stop them from rusting and deteriorating.

What is galvanising paint?

The process of galvanisation involves a protective coating of zinc being applied to steel or iron, to stop it from rusting. Hot dip galvanising is the most common industrial form of this process, in which sections of steel are placed in a molten zinc bath. But for homeowners seeking to add a layer of protection to their garden furniture, they can simply use a galvanising paint, which is widely available in good DIY shops. 

How does galvanising stop metal from rusting?

The process of galvanising offers fantastic rust-prevention by doing the following:

  • Forming a barrier to stop substances that are corrosive from reaching iron or steel underneath
  • Serving as a sacrificial anode, zinc protects even that steel which has been exposed as a result of scratching
  • Protecting its base metal, the zinc corrodes before the iron or steel does
  • Reacting with the atmosphere, the zinc on the surface forms a compact and adhesive surface that rainwater cannot penetrate

Should you use galvanising paint on your outdoor furniture?

If you want to protect your garden furniture from the ravages of rust, and not have to run outside every time it rains to bring it all inside, galvanising paint is the ideal solution. 

Galvanising paint will keep your metal outdoor furniture looking as good and fresh as the day you bought it, and will mean that it won’t need to be replaced for many years to come. You can also use galvanising spray, but experts tend to agree that paint coats the furniture more effectively. Just be sure to take your time when applying the paint, as if you don’t do a thorough job of it, your furniture will suffer. 

If you want more guidance on which form of galvanising is best for your particular furniture, you can usually find some good advice in DIY shops, or you can ask a company selling the paint and sprays for their guidance. While galvanizing paint isn’t entirely invincible – humid weather or particularly salty air can have an impact on its efficacy – it’s still a great way to add a layer of protection to any furniture or metal items used outside, and is a worthwhile investment.

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