Cool Gadgets You Wish You Had in Your Home

With technology being part of people’s everyday lives, everything is easier. Electronics and gadgets help you do certain tasks that would’ve taken you hours in the past. Now you can work and do more things you want to do.

With the number of gadgets coming out, there are now endless choices not just for tasks but also for entertainment and leisure. Other devices also show possibilities that future generations can improve and make better. This article will give a brief list of gadgets that all can agree they would want in their homes.

Home Security Camera

Home Security Camera

Once you have your own home or apartment, you of course want to make sure it is safe and secure, especially if you already have a family or plan to have one. Both Nest Cam and Logitech’s Logi Circle are security cameras that require only an internet connection to work, which almost all homes definitely have.

These cameras are ready to just plug into an outlet right off the box and work immediately. You only have to get the app for them, and you’re all set.

A Streaming Stick

These useful gadgets are a must-have for all who are tech-savvy. A streaming stick is a device that lets you play a video from a phone or computer to a TV. Google Chromecast was the pioneer, but Amazon Fire TV stick and the Roku Streaming Stick are also worth considering. For Apple aficionados, AirPlay, which is compatible with the Apple TV, is just what you need.

Laptop Adapters

Laptop adapter
Numerous new cutting-edge laptops, like the Surface Book and the MacBook, even with their sleek design and powerful performance for work or gaming, still lack some useful features needed for techy individuals. With Mac Books and Surface books having no HDMI ports, not enough USB ports, and no SD card slots, you need to invest in multipurpose adapters.

Portable projector

While there are many travel projectors surfacing on the Internet, piqo is one of the world’s most powerful pocket sized projector. It is compact, intuitive and comes in intuitive design to let you enjoy cinematic view on the go. It is compatible with over 3600 different apps and has 250-inch widescreen to offer unlimited fun.

A Lost-Items Finder

Your life is filled with a plethora of engagements that sometimes make it hard for you to keep track of your belongings, which is why this item is amazing. You can attach your keys to it or put in your wallet or phone. This handy item, called Tile Mate, uses GPS technology to track the whereabouts of your lost item. When it is in range, a homing beacon will trigger to help locate your lost thing.

Alexa or Google Home

Alexa or Google Home
Tech geeks would love to have a voice-activated computer assistant in their home, just like Tony Stark’s Jarvis. Seeing what technology is capable of now, that possibility is now a closer reality because of Google Home and Amazon Echo.

There are multitudes of useful technologies out there that can make your life better and easier. These gadgets, although small, provide a lot of functionality. They may be expensive, but these devices give you a sense of security, entertainment, and efficiency, aiding you to do more—and this makes them worth more than their price.

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