Cooking Like A Pro: Tips And Tricks For Mastering Induction Stove Cooking


Mastering Induction Stove Cooking 2

An induction stove in your kitchen helps it get a modern makeover, besides leading you to cook tasty, fulfilling meals. These are sleek, quick, and energy-efficient, offering comprehensive support based on your dynamic cooking needs. 

You can try to come up with your grandma’s recipe for a delicious mutton curry with loads of authentic spices thoroughly cooked in ghee. Or cook something healthy, using fresh vegetables tossed in olive oil. The right cookware and technique will help you serve the guests and family. 

However, as mentioned, an induction stove requires the right type of cookware and technique to get things done systematically. So here is a list of tips and tricks to help you amp up your cooking game like a pro. 

Benefits Of An Induction Stove

Consider the points below to understand the benefits of an induction cooktop.

  • Whether living solo or with family, an induction cooktop serves every need. 
  • It is easy to place on the kitchen counter, comes with energy-saving facilities and offers the right consistency with every cooking style.  
  • Preset cooking modes will help you with swift preparations.

Mastering Induction Stove Cooking 3

Things To Consider When Buying An Induction Stove

An induction cooktop can save you time and energy. Compared to the traditional gas stoves, these are hassle-free, provided you have the right wiring in the kitchen. However, before buying an induction cooktop, you must consider certain features to reap the benefits.

Preset Menu & Cooking Modes

Pre-programmed cooking modes in an induction stove are of great help. Also, functionalities like extra power levels that will help you adjust cooking temperature, interactive digital glass panel and programmed to work under low voltage are of great help. 

Safety Features

When indulging in cooking, being mindful of the safety features is essential. Look for functionalities like auto-pan detection and automatic off when not cooking. 


Invest in a cooking stove with a minimum warranty of 1 year. Look for a live input voltage supply display system, which will help you switch off the stove when there is a fluctuation in electricity. 

Power Efficiency

If you are looking for an induction stove that will help with fast cooking, go for the one with a power input of 2000w. Also, consider one with a super quick heating technology to save energy. 

Tips And Tricks For Mastering Induction Stove Cooking

Moving on, here is a list of all the basic tips and tricks that will help you master the art of cooking in an induction cooktop. 

Understand The Difference Between Cooking In A Gas Stove And Induction Stove

While an induction cooktop/stove works over electricity, a gas stove is fueled by LPG (liquid petroleum gas). In an induction cooktop, you get access to no flame and easy cooking. It is about placing your cookware on the direct flame with a gas stove. Both have unique cooking methodologies. So you must use the right cooking technique and get the best output. 

Use The Right Cookware

Inductions work by generating a magnetic field that directly heats the cookware. So it is essential to use cookware that is made for your cooktop. Search for pots and pans with a flat magnetic bottom of cast iron and stainless steel. 

Mastering Induction Stove Cooking 1

Clean Your Cooktop Daily

After you finish the cooking part, cleaning up your cooktop and the surrounding area is necessary. With daily hygiene maintenance, the cooktop will last long, offering the right type of heat and cooking speed you need. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners to rub off your cooktop’s surface, as it will create unnecessary scratches. 

Follow The User Manual

Each cooktop/oven comes with a user manual, having all the guidelines, dos, and don’ts listed in a synchronised way. Abide by the same and follow the steps mentioned there. While you will find pre-installed cooking setups with most, a single press will help you achieve the right type of heat. But on time, when trying on a different recipe, start with low heat and then proceed to medium and high.  

Stay Near Your Cooktops

With children and pets at home, you must be extra careful when cooking a meal. Never leave your cooking unattended. Keep an eye on the preparation and continue with other chores by staying near your kitchen counter. 

Plug It Off When You Are Done Cooking

Most induction ovens come with auto-off technology. That saves you a lot of time and electricity. However, switching off the oven from the plug is important to ensure you follow a safe cooking protocol. 


An induction stove is a quintessential kitchen offering for seamless cooking operations. Ensure you follow the right techniques, and the food will be ready. So, whether you are a daily cooking person or not, having an induction cooktop will serve diverse needs.

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