Content Plan Strategies for YouTube Platform

If you want to learn more about content marketing on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will try to explain why it’s important to focus more on content marketing on YouTube in 2021.

Content plan

After answering the strategic questions, move on to creating a content plan. Topics with large audience reach are important to YouTube algorithms in 2021. Topics that have high search volume should be included in your content strategy. Such videos will attract new viewers and subscribers. These should be relevant and demanded topics. And it is a very desirable serial. To collect them, use the following sources: For example, let’s take a company that provides accounting outsourcing services.

Popular queries. Services for collecting the frequency of key phrases, such as “Google Keyword Planner” will show how many times users have requested the phrase you are interested in. You can also use the Keyword Tool service; When choosing phrases, prioritize phrases with high search reach and low competition. 

YouTube search tips. An excellent source of popular topics is the phrases that appear when you enter a query for your specifics in the YouTube search bar;

Competitors. Your competitors have already done a lot of good work for you. Write down the themes and formats for popular competitor content and add them to your content plan. Also, study the viewer comments below them – this is a great source of new topics.


Popular topics on your own channel. Shoot serial content on topics that have already brought you the most impressions, views and subscribers.

New trends. Shoot what is interesting to your viewer now. Use Google Trends. For example, analysis of amendments to the VAT law or what to expect from the tax monitoring system;

Questions from customers. Build a base of questions from your customers and cover these topics. Start with the sales and customer support department, there are especially many such questions;

Thematic sources. Explore popular blogs, portals, encyclopedias, textbooks, etc. on your topic;

What else should you consider when drawing up a content plan? Seriality. Think about how you can make your content multipart. Such videos are better promoted, since they maintain interest among the public and give high interaction rates (likes, comments, subscriptions, retention, viewing depth, etc.);

Seasonality. Some themes have bursts of views based on calendar dates. For example, if you are a coach or business coach, then plan to release video content related to setting and achieving goals at the end and beginning of the year. At this time, the maximum growth in traffic for these requests is observed;

Regularity. Regularity is important on YouTube. When preparing a content plan, lay down the publication without long interruptions. We recommend 2-3 videos per week.

Topics with large audience reach are important to YouTube algorithms in 2021. Your content strategy should include topics that have high search volume as well as serial potential.

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