Container Gardening – A Stylish Way to Make a Statement About Your Taste?


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Fast-paced urbanization is motivating people to have more balcony gardens in their houses. The balcony garden evolution over the years has led them to become one of the focal points of any house decoration.

If you check the online trends, you will find various DIY tips and tricks to master the art of balcony garden beautification. Container gardening is one such phenomenon that is becoming a rage these days. More and more people are opting for it to increase the aesthetic appeal of their house.

If you choose to have the right mix of plants, pots, half barrels, .etc, you can make a statement too. This article lists the various ways by which you can achieve that.

Versatility With Utility

Container gardening adds versatility to both small and large gardens. A well-curated mix of tall and short plants, hanging or ceramic pots, overflowing flowers, and decoratives can change the aesthetics. 

The plants add instant color and provide a focal point in the garden. They also help to connect the architecture of the house with the garden. There are various ways you can use them as per your objective. You can choose to hang them on your porch, put them on a windowsill, or place them on a pedestal.

Depending on the area, you need to shortlist the plants and pair them with the matching containers. Say, for example, you can have matching containers on either side of your front driveway. It will complement the aesthetics and create a great first impression.

Similarly, if you choose a few tall plants for your balcony garden, they can give you the required height and help break the monotony. Such additions help to highlight the minute details of your garden. 

Outdoor Area

Container gardening on a patio or deck can help change the ambiance and add color to the outdoor seating area. Choosing single large containers can be great for outdoor decoration. They help to make a statement about the inhabitants to the visitors. 

Alternatively, you can also use a collection of your favorite plants in a cluster of pots. In such a setting, any herb or hen-and-chicks can do great for ornament or for cooking. They can have annuals, perennials, or dwarf evergreen. It can also include any other plant that you want to try.

Many people also choose to have houseplants under a shade, and they make an excellent addition to container gardening. Another element that you should not miss is your outdoor windowsill. You can add small pots or hanging baskets to add an instant appeal and color to the overall ambiance.

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Kitchen Garden

Many aspiring chefs like to grow their food at home. It ranges from containers with single species like rosemary to growing multiple vegetables. Of all the trends related to the kitchen gardens, salad and pizza gardens hold the top positions.

Kitchen gardens are fun to create and provide unlimited combination possibilities. You can choose tomato, lettuce, or other green leafy vegetables and have a salad garden. You can add peppers, rosemary, thyme, or oregano to turn it into a pizza garden too.

Such an addition to your cooking space or in your kitchen’s vicinity can help you to uplift the imagery. You can flaunt it during a party with your friends at your house. You can make the most of it by preparing dishes from your garden harvest.

How to Choose the Appropriate Plant?

A great tactic to have the right plant combination for your container is to choose – a star, a companion, and a filler. It means your container garden should have a star plant to serve as the focal point. 

A star can be a plant with multicolored leaves, like geranium or coleus. The companion for the star plant should be those plants that spill over the pot’s edges. You can include petunias, ornamental sweet potatoes, creeping zinnias, or bacopa. 

Generally, fillers are plants with small leaves and flowers. These plants help fill the void spaces of an arrangement and add color during the entire season. Fillers that do wonders include ornamental peppers, salvias, wax begonias, and verbenas. Foliage plants like licorice plants or parsley can be a great addition too.

Plants like purple fountain grass Help to add height to your garden. You can add a pillar to a container and choose a vine to add the required height to your entire setting. In total, for an 18” to 24” container, you will need 5 to 6 plants.

Therefore, as you can see, the above aspects can help you to add character to your container garden. You can create a style statement through a well-curated garden and turn heads. However, you can remember that regular maintenance is essential to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

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