Considering Moving Abroad? Check Out These Six Safe Countries


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A cheaper cost of living, the ability to discover unseen destinations, and a greater work-life balance – There are many different advantages of moving abroad. However, choosing where to go can be challenging. With many unique locations, you want somewhere that is safe for you to explore.

Below, we are going to take a look at six of the safest countries in the world, perfect for expats. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading.


While there has been some concern about its political instability, Austria is ranked as the fourth safest country in the world. Violent crimes are uncommon, and while there are some thefts, it is not a severe issue. Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, and Linz are just a few of the most popular places if you are thinking of going there. Click the link for more information about moving to get started.

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For the past twelve years, Iceland has remained the safest country in the world. With such a low level of crime compared to its high standard of living, this beautiful country is undoubtedly worth checking out. You can even safely drive around the island through a car rental in Iceland since it is so common there. In fact, it’s so safe that police do not carry firearms, and the government does not have a military!

New Zealand

New Zealand has remained an extremely safe country for many years. While theft does occur frequently, there aren’t many violent crimes, which brings down its overall crime rate. Alongside this, compared to Australia, its neighbor, they don’t have such dangerous creatures. With incredible mountains and scenery, friendly police, and locals, it’s understandable why it’s loved by many.


One destination that certainly gets overlooked, Singapore, ranks seventh on the GPI. The low crime rate is said to be because of the severe penalties that are put in place, even for small demeanors. Like many of the other countries on this list, firearms are controlled by a strict policy set in place by the government.  

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When moving abroad from the USA, Canada is one of the first places people tend to drift towards. This is because it has some of the world’s most “friendliest” cities. With political stability and low crime levels, it certainly ranks differently than its neighbor. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa are just a few places to check out if you’re thinking of making the move.


Due to its low crime-rate and limited access to weapons, Japan has consistently been ranked as a safe country, with Tokyo being the safest city globally. In fact, you may be surprised when you see personal items lying around, and venues without security guards posted. While there is concern about its growing military force and power, its excellent health security and cybersecurity push its rating up. Check out these reasons to live in Japan for more information!

And that’s it! These were six safe countries for those that wish to move abroad. What do you think? For more ideas it’s worth reading this guide on the best countries to work in around the world. Are you ready to pack your bags and explore what this incredible world has to offer?

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