Concrete Removal – The Complete Guide 2021


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Concrete removal is a time-consuming task and can be costly if you do not have the right equipment or don’t know what you are doing. Moreover, concrete removal can damage lawns, topsoil, landscaping, tiles and floor. Cleaning up after the removal is done is also another difficult task. Fortunately, tile cleaning Sydney offers an expansive range of cleaning services. So, what is the best way to remove concrete?

Tools You Will Need For Concrete Removal

Jackhammer: This tool is used by professional contractors to remove concrete from tough areas of your home quickly. The tool consists of a metalhead and a long handle and is used to break up concrete by hitting it. It is best to use on flat surfaces and hard-packed concrete.

Angle grinder: This is the smallest of the tools used for removing concrete. It comes with a sharp metal head and a long handle and is lightweight. It is used to remove concrete from the edges of your driveway, cut through hard-packed concrete, and smooth down your driveway.

Shovel: This tool is used for digging out chunks of concrete from tight areas. The tool consists of a flat blade, a shaft, and a handle. In most situations, the shovel is used to scoop the concrete pieces so that they can be put in a trash bag.

Protective gear: Protective gear is a must when removing concrete from your home. While the job itself is not hard, it does involve a lot of hard work and can get messy. Protective gear such as gloves and goggles will protect your hands and face from the flying debris created when breaking up concrete.

Broom And dustpan: This type of equipment is used to sweep up the chunks of concrete and other dirt and debris.

Wheelbarrow: This tool is used to transport the concrete up and away from your home.

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Concrete Removal Process

Prepare the area

Identify the areas where concrete needs to be removed, and make sure that those areas are as clean as possible before starting any work. Debris will be scattered around after removing the concrete, and hence a clean space will help you manage everything well. If there is a hole in your lawn or a crack in a driveway, fill those cracks with some soil first before removing the concrete, or else concrete pieces will fall into those spaces during removal. If you need to seal around the edges of your home, then do so now before you begin removing the concrete.

Step 2: Breaking Up The Concrete

Here is where your tools come into play. Whether you’re using sledgehammers, shovels, jackhammers, or angle grinders, this step is where concrete removal starts to get messy and hard. Ensure that you wear all of your protective gear and that the area around your home is well protected from debris and dust. Start at one end where you want to remove concrete and begin by striking the concrete with your tool of choice. Using your shovel, begin at one end and dig in before pulling it back up. Continue in this manner until you have broken up all of the concrete. Make sure to put on some safety gloves so that your hands don’t get too dirty.

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Step 3: Removing Concrete

Once you have broken up all of your concrete into chunks that are no bigger than an inch or two, then it is time for them to be removed. You can use your broom to sweep away the remaining debris so that it isn’t stuck in between the ridges of the concrete. Then, load your wheelbarrow and roll it towards a designated place. Repeat this process for all pieces of concrete. Once every piece is in the designated area, make sure to take all of the debris down to your local dump or recycling center.

Step 4: Cleaning Up

Be sure to clean up any remaining debris and smooth out any bumps and holes with a shovel and some mortar or cement solution. 

Concrete is a great material to use for construction. It is strong and durable enough to withstand the elements. Nevertheless, there are times when you need to remove it from your backyard or driveway. Luckily, as you have seen above, there is a wide range of tools and equipment to do so with ease.

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