Common Plumbing Problems in Port Charlotte Florida

There is nothing worse than having to deal with plumbing and drainage problems that you cannot solve, and even when you think you could solve it, there are cases where you are actually causing more damage than actually fixing the problem. Working with plumbers Port Charlotte would ensure that the problem is actually fixed while being able to save more money in the long run. 

What Are Some Common Issues with Plumbing in Port Charlotte, FL?

1. The water is slow to drink in your sink

Do you ever feel like you are in a kiddie pool every time you take a shower? When you are washing the dishes, does it ever feel like the water is always elbow-high? You might be facing some draining issues when you answered yes to all of these questions.

There is something that is clogging up your plumbing when you are going through these things and it could be a number of things. It could be a clump of your hair, children’s toys, or even small rodents that are stuck in your pipes. It is dark down there so you can’t really know what is blocking it by just looking down the drain.

When you are working with a plumber, they have an auger, which is a hand-held tool to help you with your clogging. There is also a tool called a drain snake, which is this long, flexible tool that would be able to get rid of the thing blocking your drains.

2. There is no water pressure

Sometimes you have to spend a minimum of 20 minutes just taking a shower just to wash all of your shampoos out and it could be frustrating. Well, the poor water pressure would have to be the blame here. Not only would it waste your time, but it could also increase your water bill.

There might be a small clog in the aerator of your faucet that is further preventing the water from flowing fully. You can’t just poke through the aerator to help loosen up the blockage, it is not that simple and you might just end up damaging it more. A plumber would be able to fix it for you.

3. Some back-flow issues

If your sink is having this serious back-flow water springing out, it could be super frustrating. Not only is it wasting your water and hiking up your water bill, but it is also going onto your floor furnishing which you have spent quite a bit of money on. And sometimes it even stinks because it’s sewer water that is coming out.

The main reason why this happens would have to be the water pressure that drops for no reason, this would reverse the downward flow of the water. Your plumber would be able to close your main water valve and then solve the problem for you.

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4. Gurgling water

When you are taking a shower, do you notice that your toilet is gurgling? When this happens, it could be very hard to tell what the root of this problem is, even though you know that there is something wrong. 

The gurgling usually happens when there is water that is trapped in your faucet while your drain is clogged, which is why you need to call a plumber to tackle this problem. If you notice this happening, it is best to cut off the water before calling a plumber so you would not waste your water and the problem would not worsen.

5. No water available

One day you wake up and are surprised that there is no more water coming out of your faucet but you are sure that you paid your water bill. That might not be the problem at all, so you do not have to worry, sometimes it is a more serious plumbing problem.

There could be a few reasons why this is happening, like a leak or an undiscovered blockage. Call your plumber to help with our problem because most of your plumbing is actually hidden behind your walls or under your house, so you need to be able to tell and help out with the problem.

How Local Plumbers Can Help You in Port Charlotte?

Working with your local plumbers has a lot of benefits. You would be able to save more money since they would be able to help you fix your plumbing and draining problem faster, which means that you could avoid water loss since they are able to fix it the moment you call them. They would also only be fixing the parts of your plumbing system that need to be fixed because they could already tell what the signs are when something is wrong. 

A big advantage of working with your local plumber is that they are certified, making them experts in their field. Working on your plumbing problems on your own could actually cause more damage than actually fixing the problem, especially when you have no experience in fixing your pipes and plumbing system whatsoever. They have experience and they are certified, which means that they are qualified to help you.

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