10 Colorful Decoration Ideas To Make Your Home More Beautiful


color cushions and curtains

Having white rooms is a great opportunity for all modern homes, to dress them up with beautiful colorful decoration. The white walls are fully adjustable to create a modern and sophisticated sense of tranquility, or just to make an artistic impact on your interior.

All of the rooms bellows are decorated with canvases and objects in colorful motives. This is shattering the monotony of whiteness and it creates a beautiful whole, which many people would desire. It is a very simple and clean style, popular in the Nordic countries. Take a look at how homes look like in Finland and Norway. Also, don’t miss to see color ideas to paint your house.

{1} Colorful Blanket

In this picture, the colorful blanket helps to define the space. As you can notice it creates a clear border between the walls and the floor.

colorful blanketHow To Make This Colorful Blanket Via Boys & Bunting

{2} Clocks & Books

The colorful clocks and books give a whole diversity to the room, which it really needed.

Color coded booksColor Coded Books Eclectic Family Room Via Hudson Interior Designs

Colorful Decoration Clocks White WallMinimalist Kitchen Design Colorful Clocks on White Wall Modern Home At The North Sea Coast Belgium with Architect Alexander Dierendonck | Photo Are Taking By Julien Lanoo

{3} Cushions & Curtains

These strong color cushions and curtains are really attracting your attention. They also maintain a clarity in this room covered by the white background.

color cushions and curtainsColor Cushions & Curtains By Svenskt Tenn

{4} Colorful Decoration Wall

What a creative way to use this colorful pencils as a decoration.

colorful Decoration pencils wallColorful Pencils Wall Decoration Via Buzz Feed

{5} Colorful Decoration Window

Here the focus lies on the yellow painted wall. Also, the colored pillow in the bedroom looks interesting. They might not be most comfortable to sleep not like cervical pillows, but they add a fine decoration.

white bedroom with pop of colorWhite Bedroom With Pop Of Color Via Desire To Inspire

{6} Colorful Kitchen

This specter of colors is giving a marvelous look on the kitchen design.

Colorufl kitchen DesignColorful Kitchen Design | 1st Image Via Arquitetura & Construcao | 2nd Image Via Abril | 3rd Image Via Present Time

{7} Dining

Although it looks like a colorful cupboard, it’s actually old furniture where you can modify the colors as well.

Eclectic dining room colorful cupboardEclectic Dining Room Colorful Cupboard Swan River Home Via Kim Pearson

{8} Colorful Bookshelf

A simple shelf with books and assets in different colors distributed all over it.

midcentury family living room colorful decoration bookshelfMake a Rainbow Living Room Colorful Bookshelf Tribeca Penthouse By Front Studio

{9} Living Room

In an all white room, everything that is not white strikes your eyes with freshness.

white room with colorful accessoriesWhite Room With Colorful Accessories Via Decor Dots

{10} Outdoor Space

These decorative cubes are really keeping your attention. They also make you look at this industrial patio seating area, with a beautiful small outdoor space.

Industrial patio idea decorative cubesIndustrial Patio Idea in Salt Lake City Kings Crown | Unit B Via Area Design LLC

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