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Coffee lover? Pick the best French Press Coffee Makers for your house.

Ah, the French Press Coffee Maker. This is the classic Coffee Maker which is refined, beautiful, and brews the best of all coffee. If you are thinking of getting french press in Egypt then there are several options in the market and all of them brew the best coffee. You cannot buy all. You only need one, how will you choose? Deciding to buy one is very tricky.
But in reality, there are not so many things that you look at when you want to buy a fresh PressCoffee Maker. There are a few considerations to look at though all of them look very confusing to the buyer. But if you specifically know what you want from the Coffee Maker, then definitely it will be very easy for you to choose one.

If it is durability that you are looking for when you want to buy the French PressCoffee Maker, then you should buy a stainless steel French Press. But when it comes to the experience of brewing coffee, no French PressCoffee Maker beats the French glass Press. You can ask the aficionados if you like.

If portability is your main issue that is, you want something that you can carry about even to your workplace, or maybe you are going for a trip then you should buy a Travel French PressCoffee Maker. This is the most suitable one for you.

If you want speed when brewing your coffee, then you should try to use Aero Press. It makes milder coffee, but if that is not your issue, then you buy it. have tested several French PressCoffee Makers in different categories, and they have come up with different rankings of different types of coffee brewers. Their findings showed that Frieling French Press which the best stainless steel French Press is the best due to its durability and heat retention capacity.

Bodum Chambord cup French PressCoffee Maker which is the best glass French Press gives more aroma and flavor to your coffee and is also durable. It has features like coffee catcher, cleaning coffee grounds after the brew is a breeze.

Bodum insulated stainless-steel travel French Press which is the best one for travel is among the best as it ensures that your coffee becomes warm for long even after several hours. It prevents the ground from mixing with the brewed coffee.

The best way you can compare the best 5 French PressCoffee Makers is by looking at the individual coffee French Press makers. You look at the advantages it has over the other French makers. This way, you can select the best of it all.

Here are some

Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press

Look into these 3 factors.
best overall french press

Best heat retention

Coffee Dorks have tested several stainless steel French Press, and in that, they found that Frieling French Press is the best of all. It’s double walls, and the stainless steel is a perfect combination to give excellent insulation and maximum heat retention in the Press.

Quality of coffee and durability

french press
The flavor of the coffee is definitely what you are looking for in the French Press. All the components of Frieling USA double wall stainless steel French Press are made in the USA, and therefore you can be sure that they are of the highest quality. It brews coffee which is not bitter or even acidic.

With the all the components being dishwater friendly, the machine can be washed occasionally with filtered water, and this ensures that the machine stays in good use for long.

Generally, the Frieling French Press is the perfect Coffee Maker machine, but one thing that needs to be improved is the plunger in the ground which coffee gets stuck. This makes cleaning a bit difficult to clean it.

Actually, there is no much complain about Frieling French Press, and so you can choose any depending on the size you want but if you only need durability, go for FreshPresso. This is the best choice for you.

KONA French Press and Bodum Chambord French Press

They are glass French glasses. The two have almost the same aspects.

Brew quality

There are no much differences in the quality of the brew they make. It is just that the coffee brewed by the Bodum is a little stronger than that of KONA. Both blend the same high flavored coffee, and therefore, there are no complains in that.


Both can withstand little shocks, but regarding the outer strength, KONA French Press is more durable than Bodum.

Bodum’s lid is more durable because it is thicker than that of KONA.

Generally, Bodum Chambord French Press is better in the overall score in regards to durability compared To KONA.


Bodum is easier to maintain and clean compared to KONA. So, if you want less stress in cleaning, go for Bodum.

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee Mug

It works as a regular French Press but also can be used as a travel mug which can be carried around.
How does it perform overall?

The quality of the brew

This French PressCoffee Maker separates the coffee grounds from the coffee, and this ensures that the coffee does not change in flavor for many hours.


It has double walls which keep the coffee hot for long
Complains about this French Press is the tinge of plastic in the coffee. Another problem with this also is that the coffee grounds should not be left for long in it.

SterlingPro Double Wall Steel Coffee French Press

This type of French Press uses dual screen technology which reduces the concentration of sediments and this ensures that you have clean, delicious coffee.

Heat retention

The stainless steel and the double walls ensure that maximum heat is retained for longer and stronger coffee.
EsPresso Maker


It is not as good as Frieling Double Wall French Press, but it can withstand the occasional drop.
The problem with this coffee brewer is the quality of the plunger as it is prone to dents.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and EsPresso Maker

This French PressCoffee Maker brews within a short time compared to others.

The best thing about this coffee brewer is the speed it brews the coffee. The problems come with the quality of the coffee. It is less strong and lacks the smooth taste.

The only advantage it has over the other French Press is that it has many techniques to extract coffee and therefore, you can make different types of coffee be it French Press styled coffee, filter style coffee or even an EsPresso.

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