Cleaning Your Pool Naturally


Cleaning Your Pool

How do you feel when you see a pool full of clean water on that sunny day? It must have impressed you and now you feel you want to have yours at your backyard. a good decision there. However, maintaining a clean pool is not a walk in the park, you have to get involved and invest in a variety of chemicals, some of which are very harmful.

However, you don’t have to use such harmful chemicals to achieve a clean pool; there are natural ways where you use non-toxic to clean.

Following are some surefire non-toxic ways to clean your pool


You must have seen bottles of ionized water in a food store near you. Water is ionized through an electrical process and this involves copper and silver. Silver and copper are given a positive electrical charge and the coils are placed in the pool. As water goes round the ionized copper and silver coils, sanitizing ions are released to the pool. The ions clean any bacteria, viruses, algae, and such micro-organisms, leaving the water clean. With this method, you will only need to you a little chlorine to ensure it’s safe but very little concentration.

Ozone generators

If you have a small pool or a hot tub, ozone generators come handy. Electricity is combined with oxygen to produce ozone and this is then pumped into the pool water. For large pools, you will need to add some amount of chlorine to ensure it’s thoroughly cleaned.


With this type of cleaning, you add salt into the pool water and the salty water is pumped into a cell chamber. Here, the salt is separated into its prime components; sodium and chloride. Chlorine gas is produced in the process and this mixes with water in the chamber. The water is cleaned by the chlorine gas and then the two components-chlorine and sodium are pumped back into the salt. The water is cleaned by the chlorine gas not liquid and none of the chlorine goes to the pool.

Chlorine-free chemicals

Check out for chlorine-free chemicals in your local food store. That will perfectly clean your pool. However, before you buy one, you have to be sure that you know the chemicals involved and make sure that you’re comfortable using them. Look for Biquanides which use hydrogen peroxide as a base-this is the most popular chlorine-free cleaner that will give you perfect results.

Use of natural filters

Use of natural filters
The kind of filter you use in your swimming pool will determine how clean and toxic-free your pool water is. You can use activated charcoal filters, these are very effective and slightly more expensive than the ordinary ones. You can use filter cartridges that are made of paper and these will last even for six hours if well maintained. Other natural filter options are sand and diatomaceous earth.

Using a robot cleaner

A robot cleaner is very efficient natural pool water cleaner. This is perfect in cleaning the floor of the pool and this can be done when the pool is not in use especially at night or when you have drained it.

You don’t have to use harmful chemicals to clean your pool. There are safer and natural ways of cleaning it. Look for a reputable cleaning company that uses safe and non-toxic ways to clean your pool at an affordable fee.

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