Christmas Patterns to Bring Holiday Cheer

Christmas is a time of joy and cheer. It’s a highly anticipated holiday full of candy, presents, and togetherness. Hot cocoa, ornaments, shopping, desserts, and parties are all signs that Christmas is near.

To welcome the Christmas holiday into your home, you have your own set of traditions. They mean a lot to you and they’re important to the entire family. You wouldn’t miss out on them at any cost.

This year, enjoy those traditions with some new additions to your decor or wardrobe. Make gifts for others or spread the joy with some of these Christmas patterns that will bring holiday cheer to all.

Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas Gift Basket

Stitch a Christmas gift basket for all of your Christmas treats and hand them out to your friends, neighbors, or co-workers. These Christmas gift baskets are the perfect things to hold your homemade cookies and jellies, or any small gifts and trinkets.

They’re easy to make so you can whip up a set of them very quickly to include an entire group of creative holiday favors to hand out at your parties. You can also make crocheted Christmas trees, gingerbread men, napkin rings, and coasters to go with it.

Pair of Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

These adorable stockings are for everyone this year. Make a matching set of stockings for you and your spouse or expand the design to include your entire family. The sweet checkered pattern makes them look like old stockings, and they’ll look great dangling from the mantle in front of the fire.

They’re large enough to fill with lots of goodies from Santa Claus, and they’re easy to personalize or adorn with your choice of extra embellishments. Decorate for Christmas with something you made by hand to make the holidays more special.

Christmas Booties

Christmas Booties

These soft and warm Christmas booties will make the perfect slippers for opening gifts on Christmas morning. Wake up to coffee, pancakes, or your own Christmas breakfast tradition, and settle in for some fun in your pajamas and slippers.

Any intermediate crocheter will have no problem personalizing these to your own taste with holly berries or another floral design. Make a matching set for you and your daughter or give them to her as a gift so you can enjoy them together.

Christmas Gift Bag

Christmas Gift Bag

Using this Christmas gift bag is like two gifts in one. For special gift giving this holiday season, add a personal touch by making the gift bag you wrap it in. This novelty print-inspired bag will hold everything that Santa can’t fit in a stocking.

This bag is quick, so you can make more than one for everyone on your list. You can pick a different design for each or you can make matching bags for everyone, but they’re sure to love your extra special thought.

Lacy Christmas Bookmarks

Lacy Christmas Bookmarks

Enjoy these lacy Christmas bookmarks as you read The Nightmare Before Christmas, Polar Express, or another holiday favorite this year. They’re so fast and easy that you can make one in every color, give them as gifts, or use them in multiple books throughout the house.

Try one of these fun Christmas projects this year to get you in the Christmas spirit, make your holiday special, and treat your friends to a meaningful and heartfelt gift. You’ll be able to keep up with all of your old Christmas traditions and create some new ones as well.

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