Choosing the Right Driveway Gate



Everyone in the world who owns a house wants to have their architecture very eye-catching, the main feature which is utmost important for security purposes as well as to enhance the street presence and which also complement the facade of your house is to choose the right driveway gate. Check out Houston Driveway Gates for a range of automatic driveway gates to suit your needs.

Why is the right driveway gate important ?

As we know driveway gate is the facade of the house so it should be protective as well as have a decent look. It isn’t easy to choose a driveway gate in a hurry because it is the main component of your home which will reflect your personality and status on the street. Choosing the design of the driveway gate is not the only criteria to make your entry more lavish but materiality and colours play a very important role.

With all the esthetic points, the security component of the gate should not be compromised at all because it will be the main entry of the house so it should be protective as well.

Driveway gate is so important in preventing wandering off the young children and pets as well.

The dimensions of the driveway gate is a striking component because from which you will move your things in and out from the house as well as you will park your car by passing through that. 

Is privacy concerned with the gateway design? Absolutely, if your gateway is designed in such a manner that it has gaps in it so obviously your privacy can be compromised, So you should keep in mind about privacy while making your driveway gate.

Types of the driveway gate

As per your choice and requirement there are many types of driveway gate and you can also make custom changes during architecting as per your need. The driveway gate will reflect the whole construction of your house so it should be according to your house theme and to synchronize with that theme there are different materials and designs for the driveway gate to construct.




The driveway gates made up of iron material are very protective because they don’t break easily but to its corrosion property it will require maintenance, to make it esthetically enhancing a good paint job will be required, but the main flaw of the iron driveway gate will be corrosion.


As mentioned earlier that driveway is the facade of the house which increases the street importance, so if your house theme is sought of traditional tone so driveway gate made up of timber work will suit the whole theme because timber work was the main material used in the time that has elapsed. There are always some cons related to each material so as for wood you have to choose specific wood which can survive rainy seasons and it should be varnished properly so it always gets termites free.

3.Stainless steel

Nowadays stainless steel is the most durable choice material in manufacturing driveway. It has the utmost properties with longer maintenance and durability, due to its alloy in nature it is protective against corrosion. The main flaw of the stainless steel is its extraordinary heavyweight which makes it complex in installation and in daily routine functional movements, it is also one of the most expensive materials.

4. Aluminium

The main striking feature of Aluminium is its corrosion free property as well as with its lightweight which makes it easy for driveway application.

Colour of the driveway gate

Do you know what is the first thing that every passer-by will notice at the facade of your house? That is your colour of the driveway gate because it will be the first thing that will be noticed in the glance of a passer by. There is a large variety of colours from which you can select for your driveway gate, even contrasting tones can also benefit on the gate if it goes with the whole theme. Pop colour is the very distinctive idea to add curb appeal.  

Colour on the driveway gate does not benefit only esthetically but it also affects its durability and makes it long lasting, colour basically makes an additional layer on your driveway gate material which protects it from harsh weather.

How does the driveway gate function?

Functionality of the driveway gate has many aspects. how do you want it to be open by sliding or swinging? If you have a budget in your hand you can also go to make it motorized.

Sliding or swinging opening of the driveway gate depends on the width of the driveway gate, if it is narrowed then sliding will be the better choice because it will cover less area for opening.

If you are not going for a motorized driveway gate then you have to hire a personnel who opens and closes the gate otherwise you have to do it on your own.

In the end the driveway gate should be attractive and protective as well because it is the main facade which reflects your personality.

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