Choosing Luxury Paint for Your Home


Choosing Luxury Paint for Your Home 1

Paint is a classic wardrobe for walls. Color choices can influence mood, appearance, and perception of the space. Paint can make a room exciting and calm and appear small or spacious. However, choosing the correct amount, intensity, and paint tone brings balance. While paint is highly subjective, some colors are known to bring out a luxurious appeal.

Nonetheless, choosing the perfect colors for your walls, ceiling surfaces, and other parts of your home can prove daunting. Finding a perfect color combination to enhance your interior design and other décor decisions is also challenging. Consider the following tips when choosing luxury paint for your new or renovated home.

1.     Start Small

You shouldn’t commit to painting if you aren’t sure of the outcome. You can avoid later regrets by starting small and testing first. Instead of painting the entire blank slate with a color you aren’t sure of yet, experiment in a small area, preferably the bathroom or hall area.

Choose an area you can complete the painting within a day or two for quick results. Start with your favorite colors or use inspirations from other paintings and furniture. Buy small amounts of your preferred colors, paint, and let it dry for some days. You can repeat this process with multiple colors. Hire professionals from a painting company after settling on a specific color. You can also ask them for advice.

Choosing Luxury Paint for Your Home 2

2.     Are You Planning to Sell Your Home Soon?

You should consider your future plans when choosing a luxurious color for your home. While different color options can bring a luxurious appeal to your home, you should consider your options if you plan to sell your home sooner. If selling your home is in your future plans, opt for neutral color options that can still evoke a luxurious finish.

Bright or bold color options can turn off potential homebuyers. If you don’t like neutral color options, use bold colors in bathrooms and other spaces that you can easily adjust during home staging.

3.     Consider Color Sheen

Wall paints are primarily categorized based on several factors, including their reflectiveness. As a rule of thumb, shiny or reflective finish colors are more durable. Below are the main types of paint sheen to choose from:

  •  Flat/matte – Flat or matte colors are the least reflective, making them the least durable. However, they provide sufficient coverage, and a few coats can perfectly cover up imperfections and give a smooth finish. You should consider these paints for areas with low traffic, such as ceilings because they lack durability.
  • High-gloss – This is the shiniest paint finish, which translates to excellent durability. High gloss paint type is washable and can withstand daily scrubbing. You can use this paint sheen for indoor and outdoor surfaces. However, it requires a lot of prep work, and you should hire professionals to avoid irregularities.
  • Semi-gloss – This is a shiny and reflective finish that clearly shows imperfections. However, it is durable and mold and mildew resistant, making them suitable color options for rooms with high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Eggshell – This is a popular sheen that gives a delicate look depending on the color used. An eggshell finish has a better lustrous appearance than matte. It is also more durable and covers minor imperfections excellently.
  • Satin – Satin is a common finish for most homes because of its durability and ease of maintenance. However, it should be done by a professional who knows how to complete the finish without leaving brushstrokes. A satin finish is an excellent choice for the living room and high-traffic areas.

Choosing Luxury Paint for Your Home 3

4.     Consider Different Lighting Options

The nature and intensity of your lighting also affect the overall appearance of your paint. You should evaluate how different types of light affect your luxury paint before painting your home. If you start by painting a small area, observe the paint at different times or when exposed to different lighting options.Some luxurious colors are perfect when exposed to bright sun rays in the afternoon but gloomy at sunset. Keep the following in mind when choosing the paint:

  • Natural light brings out the truest form of the color
  • Fluorescent light casts a bluish tone
  • Incandescent light brings out warm, yellow tones

That said, bold colors might appear overpowering when used on walls or next to windows. However, they look perfect on accent walls with indirect light.

Paint Color Suggestions for Different Rooms

Consider the following paint color options for different rooms in your home:

  • Wall paint for kitchen and bathrooms – Choose warm and vibrant hues for your kitchen walls. However, your decision should be based on the tiling, countertop, and backsplash décor. On the other hand, lighter shades are perfect for bathrooms. These colors make the bathroom appear clean and spacious.

  • Wall paint for bedrooms – Choose non-toxic, water-based paints for your bedrooms, including the kids’ bedrooms. It should also be durable and easy to clean. While soothing tones are perfect, you can consider paints with minimal pops of color.

Choosing Luxury Paint for Your Home 4

  • Wall paint for living room and dining areas – Living areas and dining rooms are high-traffic areas. Opt for paints with excellent durability. Choose vibrant colors with rich textures if you have a significantly larger living room. Lighter tones are perfect for smaller rooms, as they make them appear brighter and larger.

  • Paint for windows, doors, cabinets, and trims – Most people forget these areas when planning home repainting. While you should choose colors that complement other colors, they should be water-proof for assured durability.

  • Best paint for ceilings – If you prefer having your walls and other interior décor items as the focal point, choose ceiling colors with a matte finish. A semi-gloss finish for ceilings is a good choice if the room isn’t large, as it reflects light, increasing ambient light.


Choosing the right paint color, especially if you want to achieve a cozy and luxurious appeal, goes beyond choosing the right color. The right combination of color and sheen helps create a perfect space. Fortunately, luxury paints are available in diverse options and finishes. Most options are also durable, easy to maintain, and have a perfect finish. Your luxury paint of choice should cater to the needs and nature of the room.

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