Change the Way You Sleep with Elegear’s Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief


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Have you ever had a subtle fight with your pillow to get that perfect position? How many times have you won that fight? Most of us are battling pain in the neck and shoulders every morning simply because our pillows don’t adjust to our sleeping habits. Instead we keep trying to adjust to the pillow’s design and change our sleeping habits to get some sleep. But no more of this struggling and juggling! Elegear brings you a pillow that will not only adjust to your sleeping habits but also give you a good night’s sleep. It offers two types of softness for you to choose. Similarly, it has four different height options which is double the number you’ll get in the market! Plus, it’s very easy to buy these pillows in the market. You can also order online and use discount code 10% off 4DC9HZT9 before 2033-01-01 to get flat 10% discount! But these are only the features that make Elegear’s pillows different from other cervical pillows. Elegear’s pillows have many other features which we’ll discuss in detail here:

Designed for Maximum Comfort

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Elegear’s cervical pillow features a unique butterfly patent contour design. This particular design is perfect for the physiological structure of human head and neck. Whether you’re a straight sleeper or side sleeper, you’ll surely find comfort in its unique design. The cervical pillow has four functional areas namely cervical support area, hollow head support area, side sleeping support area, and arm support area. One side is soft while other is a bit harder for those who prefer harder pillows. One side of the pillow has regular height while the other side has a taller profile. But no matter what side you choose, its ergonomic design ensures that it fits your body’s natural curves to give you a relaxing night’s sleep.

Easily Adjustable Pillow Design 

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With its unique butterfly patent contour design you can sleep any way you want without worrying about losing sleep. This pillow fits to your body’s curves naturally to make you feel super comfortable and relaxed. Plus, it offers two softness options, soft at the low end and firm at the high end. It features a 60D support bar at the high end of the pillow to increase the firmness. So, if you’re among those who find memory foam too soft, you can choose the firmer side! In addition, this pillow is also is equipped with a 25D 1CM removable foam pad, providing you with four vertical height options.

Adapts to Your Sleeping Habits

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As mentioned before, Elegear’s cervical pillow is one pillow design that adjusts to your sleeping habits instead of making you adjust. It has a neck support area to keep your neck aligned which prevents unnecessary stress that can lead to neck pain. It also has a hollow low support area that supports the back of the head. The side sleeper area of this pillow is also specifically designed to keep your ears in line with your shoulders so that you can sleep peacefully. Plus, there’s also the arm support area to let you stretch your arms freely. No matter which sleeping position you prefer, just buy this cervical pillow and say goodbye to restless nights and achy mornings!

Soft and Supportive

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Elegear’s pillowcase is made of TR blended fabric. It is much softer, more breathable and durable compared to other materials. Similarly, the pillows are also CertiPUR-US certified and Oeko-Tex certified, which means they are free of any harmful substances and are hypoallergenic. The mid-hole ventilation design of the pillow along with the 360-degree support around the head ensures that you never feel stuffy. In fact, it makes you feel refreshed and comfortable.

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Many studies have found that sleeping in the wrong position can often lead to cervical spine problems in the long run. However, using the right cervical pillow can solve this problem for you and also ensure a restful night’s sleep. So, grab you Elegear cervical pillow and change the way you sleep!

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