Can Molds in Homes Be Hazardous for Human Health?


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Plumbing issues and various human activities often result in mold formation in homes. Molds are fungi that can grow everywhere, from walls and floors to clothes, books, and toys. While molds spoil the appearance of the home interiors, that’s not the worst burden they cause. People should be worried about mold formation as these fungi can make humans suffer from serious health issues. So, the first thing one must do after spotting mold growth is contact a professional for a mold remediation longview. The section below informs readers about various health issues mold exposure can cause. 

Breathing Difficulty 

When molds start growing, fragments, cells, spores, and more such organic compounds get released into the air. These substances can produce mycotoxins, irritants, and allergens. Most of them are toxic, particularly to people who are sensitive to them. 

If the homeowners don’t take any steps to remove molds, the amount of the above-mentioned organic compounds in the air will keep growing. What’s more, damp indoors encourages the fragments, cells, and spores to break down, increasing the toxic particles’ volume even further.

The particles irritate the throat, nose, and lungs and can make people experience breathing issues. The situation becomes worse for people with a history of asthma or COPD.  

Allergic Reactions

Mold allergy is widespread among Americans. The symptoms of this allergy type are similar to those of hay fever. The patient will sneeze constantly. The person will have watery eyes and a runny nose. There will be discomfort in his or her throat.


This health hazard occurs when people allergic to mold come in contact with a mold type called Aspergillus. Aspergillosis can be a life-threatening health issue for people with a weak immune system. The sufferings are usually more for individuals who already have lung disease.

One of the worst forms of aspergillosis is chronic pulmonary aspergillosis. People usually develop this condition after a few days of constant exposure to Aspergillus. The condition can result in drastic weight loss and severe breathing problems if not treated at the right time. People with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis also have a constant cough. 

The good news is that an experienced professional doing mold remediation longview has the ammunition required to remove Aspergillus.

Other Mold-induced Health Hazards

Mold makes the environment conducive to the multiplication of bacteria and other microbes. It’s needless to say that all these microorganisms are harmful to human health. People getting exposed to them can develop infections. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), having mold and mold-induced microorganisms in the home leaves people at a high risk of developing bronchial infections. Examples of such infections include allergic alveolitis, bronchitis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, etc.


It’s easy to prevent all these health issues. A regular inspection by a professional offering mold remediation longview services will help to detect mold growth and eliminate it before the fungi start creating problems. Homeowners should be more careful about mold growth if they live in a damp area or have recently detected a plumbing system problem.

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