Can Installing A Home Security System Be A DIY Exercise: Here Are 10 Reasons Why Experts Are Required


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If you are considering a home security system, don’t think about installing it yourself. It may be a good idea to enlist an expert. That’s why Smith Thompson, your home security company in Plano, provides you with 10 reasons why such experts are required.

Going the DIY route can be very frustrating. Especially if you have no idea how to set it up from start to finish. You can try and follow the instructions, but it can be a challenge to do it step-by-step.

With that said, let’s take a look now at the following 10 reasons why you need experts instead of trying to do it all yourself.

They know how to set it up

There are experts who know how to set up a specific security system from start to finish. They’ve done it before with many clients. So it’s just another day at the office whenever they need to set up one more for the homeowner down the road.

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Experts have the setup method down pat. This way, you don’t have to figure it out along the way. It gets to the point where they can set it up in minutes, compared to DIY where it can take a lot longer.

The technological aspect

We rely on such technology like Wi-Fi and cellular data these days. Your security system can have both of those. However, the technological aspect of setting one up can be complicated.

Needless to say, the security system installer will know the technology and understand how it works. They also know how it’s set up specifically. For someone to do it themselves, it can be frustrating to navigate your way through so much technical stuff.

The amount of equipment involved

Each security system has a unique number of equipment that is included. The more there is, the more complicated the set up may be. Especially when you live in a large house.

For every individual piece of equipment, there are specific instructions or ways to set it all up. Things need to be in a certain place or within a specific range. For the professional installer, they’ll have a pretty good idea of where things can be set up.

For the DIYer, this can take a long time. It can be frustrating and you end up finding yourself switching from one spot to another. Professionals will usually have a good idea of where to install a main hub and the sensors that detect movements and break-ins.

It can be a money saver

This reason might shock you. Typically, you’d be spending more on a professional installation compared to doing it yourself. However, you’ll be saving a good amount of money letting a professional do the work.

We say this in the context of spending more money on equipment (especially if it’s something you didn’t need in the first place). You’re better off paying extra for the installation without risking spending more money attempting to do it yourself.


An expert will be well aware of what should be placed inside a home. This includes the cameras, sensors, the main hub, and more. Someone who attempts this as a DIYer will likely make mistakes.

They’ll place cameras in areas where they shouldn’t be set up. They may also set up the hub in the wrong part of the house. Plus, the sensors may be too far away to sense any movement.

A professional home security installer will be able to scout for locations throughout your house to place the proper equipment. You can leave it to them to get the job done. Because they know which angles are the best for cameras and how close sensors need to be from a hub.

Maintenance checks

A professional home security system will perform a series of maintenance checks. Whether it’s done in-person or remote, one thing is for sure: it has to work at all times. If you’re setting it up DIY, you are responsible for the maintenance checks yourself.

These may not be as automated. Plus, it can also be time consuming. You may also find yourself not knowing what to do if you are stuck with an issue.

So for this reason, a professional installer will be needed to set things up. And even allow you to set up reminders on when maintenance checks will be done. Again, there may be nothing on your part to do.

You’ll learn how to use it

There is a bit of a learning curve to using the security system itself. Especially when you are using the remote features that come with it. You’ll be able to check on everything using an app that is compatible with your phone or other mobile devices.

A professional installer will walk you through the process. They’ll give you a hands-on demonstration of the product and direct you somewhere for reference on how to use your security system. For the DIY installer, this translates into figuring more stuff out.

Again, another time consuming task that no one should ever want to waste time with.

Testing purposes

After a home security system is installed, testing it will be needed. If installed DIY, this can be difficult. Professionals will know how to test out the security system to ensure everything is in working order.

DIYers won’t know for sure if anything is working. So it may be back to the guessing games and moving things around. Frustrating, isn’t it?

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Professional installers will be wiring your security system. Which means they will need to cut the power in order to get it done. Beyond that, wiring is no easy task for both professionals and DIYers.

Yet, experienced installers will be able to get it done. But they must do it properly and carefully.


Timing is everything. If you are installing a home security system, you may be wasting a ton of it trying to figure out so much. A professional installer has no time to do any of that.

They already know what to do. They draw up a plan and execute it to perfection. Once they install a security system, they repeat the process again for another customer.

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