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Can Bamboo Help Us Save Planet Earth

Depletion of natural resources has been a global concern. The situation is indeed scary since we only have one home which is our planet. Each year we get alarming and scary reports which indicate the wasteful life most of us live on the planet.

Overpopulation, deforestation and global warming happen to be among the issues that leaders all around the world try to deal with. But when we get these reports do we get motivated to change our lifestyle or does it fatigue us. Many environmentalists thrive to look for development which offers more optimism with prospects of bringing change to the world. Bamboo is a grass species, and researchers have found new uses for the bamboo plant which will help us in preserving our planet. For many years the bamboo grass has been used for many things making bridges, bamboo sheets and even building structures like bridges. Consumers and manufacturers are giving the bamboo plant a new perspective when it comes to saving the world. So how can we use the bamboo plant to save the world?

  • Renewable Species

Bamboo species take 3 to 5 years you fully mature for harvesting. But hardwood trees like the oak tree are known to take very long before they can be fully harvested. Each week we lose millions of forest land due to deforestation. Unlike the tree family, bamboo grass can offer the same benefits as trees. Its versatility has made it be the best substitute for hardwoods, this will, in turn, reduce the number of trees we cut down yearly. Since bamboo has a much shorter life span, they can easily be grown and regrown over a period of few years.

  • Absorption of the greenhouse gases

In order to reduce the level of carbon dioxide and increase the level of oxygen in the air, we are encouraged to plant more trees, however, most people don’t know that bamboo plants are more efficient when it comes to carbon dioxide absorption. Bamboo plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce 35% more oxygen levels compared to the normal plant and trees. Therefore if you want to enjoy more fresh air around your home then you should consider planting more bamboo grass on your compound.

  • Growth rate

Growth rate

Since we all know that bamboos have a higher growth rate, environmentalists recommend growing bamboo as one of the natural supplies. Some bamboos species have the capability of growing more than 3 feet in one day making the bamboo the plant with the fastest growth rate in the planet. This means you don’t need to wait for many years before you can harvest or change the world by planting more trees. Even after it has been harvested, anew shoot develops from the extensive root system. The regrowth doesn’t require any cultivation or fresh plantation.

  • Minimal waste to the environment

Minimal waste to the environment
After harvesting the bamboo plant, you can use the whole plant. For many years now the bamboo plant was used for many different uses and making different products. You can even use the residue of the plant to create mulch that can be used as a fertilizer. The leaves have for a long time been used by the Japanese to treat fever, the strips were used in ancient times as writing materials and the planks have always been used for construction. This shows that bamboo is one of the most productive plants on the planet.

  • Versatility in application

Versatility in application
Even though the bamboo is not a tree but a grass, it can still be sued to carry out the same functions that a tree does. This means that the bamboo grass is the perfect substitute for trees, no need to cut trees when you can just plant bamboo grass and harvest them after 5 years. Trees are normally used for paper production, charcoal, furniture making, building materials, flooring among other uses which the bamboo grass can be found to be very useful. The other bonus advantage is that the bamboo fibers are way stronger than the wood fibers and have very minimal chances of warping up due to climatic changes. The main reason why people prefer using bamboo fibers in construction compared to steel or any other construction materials.

  • No need for herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers

Growing bamboo plant is very cost effective, this is because bamboo is the only cash crop plant that doesn’t require any agricultural chemicals to grow. On the other hand, the bamboo plants sequester nitrogen. Cultivating bamboo plant will guarantee you zero chemicals in your soil.

  • Soil protection

soil protection
Bamboo plants are one of the plants that play an important role in preventing soil erosion. Unlike trees when they are cut, they leave the soil exposed to soil erosion. When you harvest the bamboo plant the roots still remain in place which plays an important role in retaining the soil nutrients by preventing soil erosion.

  • Future Economic Development

There are many economic opportunities that can be exploited from the bamboo plant. Countries that are less developed can grow bamboo plants and come up with companies that produce the bamboo product. This will create job opportunities and hence create social and economic stability.

  • The growth of bamboo plants

The growth of bamboo plants
Unlike most of the cash crops, bamboo plants can be grown in arid areas where most cash crops are known to fail. And after harvesting the roots of the bamboo stay in fact in the soil hence no need for replanting. The bamboo plant has the ability to thrive in a wide variety of climatic conditions.

Well, can the bamboo plant really save the planet? Everyone has a different answer to that but we can all agree that the bamboo tree can indeed play an important role in reducing some of the environmental impacts that are caused by mankind. This is because the bamboo plant has many products and features which allow the human race to leave a very comfortable life without endangering the environment.

Everyone has an opportunity to play an important role when it comes to saving the world from global warming, deforestation and any other environment catastrophic. You don’t need to do a great deed that will be recognized by the international community but simple gestures like planting a bamboo plant can indeed go long way.

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