Cabinet Painting: DIY Or Professional?


Big Painting Job !

One of the areas many people concentrate on when renovating their homes is updating their old cabinets by painting. For a good reason, painting cabinets requires very little budget, yet it has the potential to drastically transform the look of the entire house.

Aside from that, if you’re interested in selling your home, painting old cabinets is vital. It makes the outdated cabinets appear new, beautifying your home and making it attractive to more potential buyers.  

If you’ve decided to paint your cabinets, the big decision is whether to opt for a do-it-yourself (DIY) process or hire professional painters in Olathe KS or in your area. While you may complete most home improvement projects yourself, it is important to leave the painting work to experts.

Painting cabinets can be more challenging than you might expect. When you do the work yourself, you could leave your home in worse condition than when you started. Consider hiring a professional painter for high-quality and superior results.

Why Hire A Professional Cabinet Painter 

If you aren’t sure whether hiring a professional cabinet painter is a good move, you can be surprised by how beneficial it can be. Here are important reasons to hire a professional for your cabinet painting task.  

It Saves Time

Say you’re in need of cabinet painting in Kansas City. One of the benefits of hiring a professional is it allows you to save time. Anyone who has ever done cabinet printing work can bear witness to how time-consuming it can be. Preparing your home, finding the right equipment, doing the real work, performing post-cleaning, and taking the rubbish to the landfills can take several days or weeks. Therefore, if you opt for the DIY process, you might not get enough time for other important matters.  

Professional painters are experts in their field.  Hiring one allows you to complete the work within the shortest time possible, ensuring everything in your home starts running normally as soon as possible. Besides, the hired professional painter will take full control of the project, allowing you to centralize your focus on other important matters.  

It Saves Money

Another reason to hire a professional cabinet painter is to save money. Doing so helps you to save money in various ways. For instance, you’ll have to stretch your budget if you opt for the DIY process since you’ll have to purchase or rent work tools. Meanwhile, professional cabinet painters have the right tools, eliminating the need to purchase any new equipment for the project.  

Since you aren’t an expert in painting, you might not provide a long-lasting solution to your cabinets. As a result, you may be forced to keep repainting the cabinets, which can be very expensive in the long run. 

Professional painters are trained professionals who will professionally complete the work and provide a lasting solution. This means that you won’t keep redoing the work. They’ll also assist you in selecting and purchasing quality paint, which helps you save a significant amount of money in the long run.

You also need to know that many reputable cabinet painters have already established good relations with various suppliers. This great rapport can help you to bargain for discounts when purchasing painting supplies. Therefore, having your cabinets painted by an expert can be the best way to complete the work at a lower cost.  

Navy blue kitchen cabinet doors and golden metal kitchen handles

It Helps Maintain Your Safety

Painting cabinets can be risky, especially for the non-expert. Mixing the paint and other chemicals and inappropriate handling of the work equipment puts your life at a high risk. Therefore, entrusting the work to a professional is necessary to maintain your safety.  

To begin with, hiring a professional cabinet painter ensures you don’t come into contact with poisonous chemicals and dangerous work tools. Painters are trained in safety measures. They’ll complete the task carefully to minimize injuries within your property.   

Notably, many professional cabinet painting companies have insured their staff members against job-related risks. Therefore, you won’t personally be held liable if a technician sustains any injury while painting your cabinets. This helps save money and provides peace of mind that a responsible professional is handling the task.  

It Provides A Professional Painter’s Warranty 

In case something goes wrong when you paint the cabinets yourself, you may be forced to redo the work again. But it can lead to additional expenses as you may have to purchase new painting supplies. You can avoid that by hiring a professional cabinet painter. 

Many painting experts offer warranties on their work, so you won’t have to spend extra money if something goes wrong. If the paint starts to peel or chip within a few days or weeks, the company will come and fix the problem without asking for an extra payment.  


As you’ve seen in this article, hiring a professional cabinet painter has several benefits. Therefore, consider working with an expert rather than opting for a DIY process. However, you must choose the best painter in the region. Conduct thorough research on available cabinet painters and select the most suitable one for your project.

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