Building Inspection Adelaide Helps in Effective Pest and Termite Inspections


Building Inspection

Are you planning to purchase a new residential property? If yes, then you would want it to be completely free from pests and termites. It’s not pleasant to walk into a house that has all these issues. Termites are common as well as a severe issue. Most old mansions and bungalows are prone to termite growth. And these buildings are at a considerable risk. Termite growth and presence of other pests is never a good situation for a property. Gradually, it paves the path for more damage. Luckily there are building inspectors to detect this issue before a buyer purchases the property.

Searching for a building inspector is easy. You can look for one based on your location. For instance, if you live in Adelaide, you can search online for building inspection Adelaide services and can get talking with an expert agency.

Termites and residential properties

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However, the truth is termite infestations can occur anytime and to any building! And if left unaddressed it can cost the buyer several dollars to get the house free from termites and other pests. In most cases, a residential property doesn’t show signs of termites till there’s been some severe damage. Are you planning to sell your residential property? If yes, it is essential that you organize for a building inspection to figure out the termite damages.The areas that need to get checked for termite presence include:

  • Home interiors
  • Under the residential property
  • The sub-floor area
  • The house exterior
  • The roof spaces
  • The storeroom

Other areas to check for termite presence

Till such time you can sell the residential property, it’s a smart call to inspect the property at least twice annually. Ask an expert building inspector to check into the following areas:

The deteriorated wood

The deteriorated wood
Termites will cause serious damage to the woods. The damage might be present close to the structural joints. It might also get a bit hollow the moment you use an object to tap. Also, if you’re able to dig right inside the wood and locate tunnels, it shows the presence of termites.

The mud tubes

The termites usually rest inside the soil. Often, they create a mud tub channel that gets connected to a wood source. When the wood is lower at ground level, it’s a smart call to check the soil close to it.

The bubbling paint

At times, brittle drywall and bubbling paint is a clear sign of termites. If you want to address this and get it sorted, get in touch with a professional building inspector.

Presence of pests

Presence of pests
Usually, termites give rise to pests. So, if you find that your residential property is also infested with mice, cockroaches, lizards, insects and other types of pests, postpone the sale. Get it inspected thoroughly and also treated. That will help you increase the property value.

You would never want to put all your money into a house that has termites and pests. Hence, if the home you want to sell has a similar issue, you will never be able to sell it at the best price. Termites and pests will bring down your property value. A thorough building inspection process can help you get sorted.

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