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Broom vs. Mop – Which One Is Best For Laminate Floor

Broom vs. Mop – Which One Is Best For Laminate Floor

Cleaning up isn’t anyone’s favorite job. But, it is something we have to do in order to maintain proper hygiene, or else we might get sick from the dirt, dust, and germs. One thing you will find of great importance when you are cleaning is the right tools; this is especially true when you are cleaning the floor.

The question you might have here is whether you should use a broom or a mop to clean your laminate floor. Well, I am going to compare the two here, so you know which is the best choice and does the best cleaning job.

What Is the Broom Good For

On a regular basis, we might see a buildup of dust and debris on your floor; this is something inevitable. If you go outside or keep the windows open, then dust is going to get inside your house. This is something you have to clean regularly, if not daily.

Because, if they are not cleaned properly, then any amount of water on the floor will lead to mud. Now, that looks disgusting, and it takes more hard work to clean it up.

If you are looking to clean up the dirt and dust on your laminate floor, then you can simply use a broom. The brooms are usually made in a way to make sure nothing is left on the floor, and you end up having a dust and dirt free surface. It sounds like a great deal if you ask me.
What Is the Broom Good For

But keep in mind that the broom should not be coarse or have harsh bristles. Laminate floors tend to be on the more fragile side. I’m not saying it will break or anything, but you are more likely to damage it if you exert too much pressure on it or if the material you use to clean it with is brittle or coarse.

What Is the Mop Good For

Just like a broom, you can also use a mop to clean your laminate flooring. You might conjure up the image of a wet mop to clean the floor, but they are not the only kind available nowadays. You can use a dust mop to rid your flooring of built-up dust, dirt, and debris.

There wet/damp mops as well as dry dust mops you can use to clean your floors. All you have to do it take it out and use the mop to collect everything on the floor with the head of the tool. This is a very good thing to use for collecting the dust, and the bottom surface is completely flat, and you will have an easier time gathering everything.

After you are done with the dust moping, you can also dampen the floor a bit with some water and cleaning solution mixture. You can put it in a spray bottle and spray the floor with the mixture and then use the mop to clean it up properly.

Just keep in mind that the cleaning solution should not be abrasive or too harsh because they can very easily damage the floor. There
aren’t many ways for you to reverse the damage you have done on your laminate flooring.

This combination of dry and wet/damp mop is very good as you will be able to properly cleanse your house. Not only will you be getting rid of the dust, but with the help of the cleaning solution, you will also get rid of the germs and bacteria’s on your floor.

Which One Is Best?

Both the broom and the mop are pretty good at getting the job done. With each, you will see that your floor is clean, and you won’t feel any dust when you walk barefoot. But if I had to choose just one, I would go with the mop.

The main reason behind it is that the mop is able to get everything off the floor very easily, and you don’t have to worry about it being too brittle on the floor because the bottom of the head is usually a fabric.
Which One Is Best
But I would recommend you to not use the damp/wet mop on the floor too regularly as that might ruin the floors. Also, the cleaning solution you use might not be good for regular use.

Having said all that, cleaning with the broom is a little easier than cleaning with a mop. You have a much easier time picking up all the dirt from with floor with the broom, whereas the mop might pose some difficulty in the process.

Final Words

Broom and mop both are very good options when you are cleaning your laminate floor; there are pros and cons of both. At the end of the day, the one you choose with be based on what you look for from the cleaning tool.

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