Bringing Home A Malamute? Here’s How To Pet-Proof Your Home


Home A Malamute

If you’re an active family, then the Alaskan Malamute, which is an energetic and friendly breed of dog, is the perfect pet that can join you on your daily adventures. Malamutes are often mistaken as Huskies due to their similar appearance and thick double coats, although they’re bulkier than Siberians. However, before bringing your pup home, you need to prepare beforehand so as to make the transition easy for them. In order to protect your newly adopted Mal from potential dangers, you need to ensure that each corner of your house is safe by having the essential safety items.

Here’s how you can pet-proof your home before adopting a Malamute puppy:

Keep it in One Area

It’s vital to assign a “safe space” for your pup when you’re not at home. Keeping them in a confined space will make it easier to clean. It will also allow your puppy to adjust to the new environment. Additionally, providing them with a soft spot like a dog bed will ensure that they have a comfortable place to sleep in. This bed will prove useful as your Mal matures since this dog breed is prone to joint problems as they get older. Thus, a pet-friendly zone in a specific place in your house will minimize the damage that an untrained puppy can cause.

Invest in a Baby Gate

Having a curious puppy at home means you have to be constantly on guard. In case you’re busy with something and can’t keep an eye on your dog, you can limit its access to a specific portion of the house by buying a baby gate. Even though all puppies love to explore, when it comes to Malamute puppies, they can find anything from keys and strings to wallets and books. Setting up a baby gate will prevent your pup from getting into things and going to places you don’t want it to. This way, you’ll also know exactly where the puppy is.

Consider Buying a Playpen

Another great tool for supervising your puppy is a playpen. You can keep it nearby if you’re watching TV in the living room. As your dog gets older, you won’t have to confine him in secure areas. Eventually, when the puppy’s trained and trustworthy enough, you can give access to the entire house.

Give Them Chew Toys

Being an energetic breed, Alaskan Malamutes can get naughty and chew things. That is why it’s essential to have toys that can be turned into an outlet for your new puppy; you can then avoid turning things like furniture and wires around the house into collateral damage. Since a small-sized chew toy could become a choking hazard for a Malamute, the experts at suggest purchasing appropriately-sized toys to prevent boredom and keep them stimulated. When buying toys, it’s crucial to consider this breed’s strength and sharp teeth. Moreover, never provide them with shoes or socks instead of toys; this would develop and maintain a destructive habit that would become difficult to break.

Hide Food

Food on countertops can easily catch your Alaskan Malamute’s attention, so it’s better not to leave it on tables. Thus, remove any potentially dangerous foods like nuts, candy, or chocolate from within the puppy’s reach and hide them so your Mal can’t get to it. Don’t feed him food from the table, and make sure your trash cans are covered so they don’t consume any toxic food or substance.

Make Dangerous Items Inaccessible

Before your Malamute arrives, it’s essential to clean up all the clutter and keep all the hazards out of reach. There are a lot of ways you can prevent your pup from getting harmed. For instance, use cord protectors or covers to protect your Mal from accidental shocks since they also think of electrical cords as chew toys. Moreover, keep all the cleaning supplies like detergents on a high shelf or cabinet or store them in a cupboard secured with childproof latches. Use a bitter apple spray on furniture corners like table or chair legs since its sour taste can discourage Malamutes from chewing.


Move Houseplants

Like other dogs, Alaskan Malamutes have an instinctive behavior of eating grass. However, you need to make sure they don’t eat grass that was sprayed with chemicals. Moreover, some houseplants are poisonous and cause serious health problems for your Malamute. Even a little nibble might prove fatal; thus, it’s crucial to move plants that could be harmful to them.

By pet-proofing your home and making it secure before you welcome your new puppy, you won’t have to worry about their safety and enjoy their company in your active routine. Thus, keep these precautionary steps in mind so that you’re able to look after your dog in a better way.

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