Bridal Bouquets Fit For a Royal Wedding


As well as a beautiful venue like Adlington Hall, bridal bouquets are the highlight of any wedding ceremony. It is always something that people anticipate and wait for or even look up in terms of inspiration and creativity. The wedding flower arrangement is the most prized possession for a bride and a lot of hard work and thought the procedure is put into making an enchanting and riveting bridal bouquet for the day by the bridal party, bride and florist.

Every bride has a basic understanding of what she wants for her special wedding bouquet arrangement and many of them dream of the big ceremony day all their life. So when it comes to the original piece, they hardly want to compromise on anything right from the designs and shapes to colors and flowers of the special wedding arrangement.

But easier said than done, one has to consider a lot of factors to get the bridal bouquet flower arrangement right for the big day ceremony and that dreamy and whimsical combination just does not come knocking on the door. The dress, season, venue, affordability, color palette, theme, wedding décor, flower arrangements, style all are contemplated before narrowing in on a wedding bouquet for the I do’s. Most of the times, it is always made sure that arrangement complements not just the bridal dress but even the groom’s attire and the overall wedding theme and color palette of the ceremony. And this is why wedding bouquets are a little hard to plan when you have to consider all these intricacies of the special day décor and details.

If you’d ask any bride frankly, they’d admit of dreaming about a fairytale or royal wedding at some point of time in their lives, Womens by nature are very efficent to plan a lot of things about their life before marrying for example they plan a lot about Honeymoons, Kids name and the proper time to plan fertility or even their retirement homes and it does not come as a surprise, Well if you were thinking of having children later in life, exploring your options at a fertility clinic like fertility plus would be perfect. So for women is very moment is very special and so they all want the most special day of their lives as perfect as they come and what better to think of perfection than probably a royal or fairytale wedding. If you too have dreamed of a royal wedding all your life, we have something special for you. Here are a few royal wedding bouquet ideas that could perfectly give you the feeling of a princess on your special day and make that long-awaited dream come true in reality:

Lily of the valley:

It is said that Kate Middleton’s white bridal bouquet had its fair share of lily of the valley flowers. The blossoms were in season that time and made an exquisite look for the whole bridal bouquet arrangement. If they worked for her, there is no reason they would not work for you in terms of creating that perfect royal bridal bouquet look for your wedding ceremony. The blossoms are an epitome of romance, elegance, and grace and your guests would be in total awe of your special day bouquet arrangement when you walk down the aisle. If you want to hear more, the flowers were also used in their bridal bouquets by the likes of; Song Hye Kyo, Vicki Belo, and Kaye Abad. Although if you want these blossoms to really turn up at your wedding, you’d have to be ready to spend a lot as they are considered one of those expensive wedding flowers in the wedding décor circles.

The white roses:

white roses
There is a reason white roses have been preferred for that royal look in terms of bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces and other details of wedding décor for years. Carrying a white bridal bouquet full of white roses could be the perfect way to create a statement in terms of the royal and elegant look that you’ve always craved for. The blossoms when they’re in full bloom radiate natural beauty and royalness like no other petals and this could perfectly set the tone for your special regal look. If you still want a little more for inspiration, the fact that Meghan Markle used white garden roses in her wedding bouquet too when she walked down the aisle might just fit the bill.


No wedding accent could possibly provide as much princess vibes to your wedding bouquets and even other flower arrangements as probably peonies. The flowers have the perfect eye-popping visuals for giving that royal touch to bridal bouquets and feel romantic at the same time. You could also include some of those birch branches in the arrangement taking a leaf out of those royal wedding bouquets and I do ceremonies for your royal wedding bouquet look. The flowers are tailor-made for bridal bouquets and there are not many beautiful wedding flowers like these in the wedding circles. You probably have not witnessed many contemporary wedding bouquet designs without some mention of throwing peonies in the mix and this goes to show how ridiculously important are these blossoms for those special day bouquet arrangements.


You might or might not have heard of these flowers as they are not very common in wedding décor and flower arrangements. The tall, enchanting and bell-shaped flowers have charming speckled throats and are available in a wide range of colors. The flowers might lend the unique and fresh value to your wedding bouquet along with the royalness that you’re expecting from an arrangement. Bouquets work best when there are all sorts of unique and fresh flowers present to capture the imagination of the audience and foxgloves perfectly fit the bill. If you want a royal word, the Meghan Markle wedding bouquet did feature these beautiful flowers in the mix to create the perfect statement when she did walk the aisle for the wedding ceremony.


Orchids are featuring in royal wedding bouquets as a tradition for many years now. The flowers were a part of the wedding bouquet when Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philips back in the day. The fact that the inspiration is coming straight from the Queen brings so much nostalgia and royal vibes in terms of including the flowers in your own wedding bouquet. The flowers come with extensive versatility and all sorts of shades to make beautiful, lovely and royal wedding flower arrangements for your special day. You can be almost sure that holding an orchid bridal bouquet in the ceremony would absolutely bring royal and regal vibes to the whole look and of, course something to cherish your whole life through the photographs.


Myrtle has been an integral part of royal wedding bouquets for many years now. Nothing sets the tone for a perfect marriage than a flower which symbolizes love and being together forever. The Royals have used a sprig of these flowers in their wedding bouquets all these years for nothing. The flowers are perfect to make a statement in terms of the special day ceremony and even better to capture their imagination. When all’s said and done, Myrtle is a royal wedding bouquet must and you can easily see it more evident when you flip the pages of the history of royal weddings and their bouquet arrangements.

Queen Victoria’s own 170-yr old garden is often the source of these myrtles which have been quite a wedding tradition for the royal right from 1840’s (Queen Victoria) to 2011 (Kate Middleton). The plant is said to be given to Queen Victoria by the grandmother of her husband, Prince Albert, in the 1800s.

Those were a few ideas to make a royal wedding bouquet look work for the ceremony. If you need some more inspiration in terms of the royal bridal bouquets for your wedding ceremony, here are a few exact details of royal wedding bouquet arrangement trends through the years to make sure that you do carry that royal look when you do walk down the aisle:

Bridal bouquet royal trends through the years:

Flower trends keep on evolving and changing with times like fashion itself and royal wedding bouquets are no exception to this rule. As they have the world’s top floral designers and fresh flowers at their disposal all the time, it is nothing wrong in expecting something out of this world every time when they do walk down the aisle for the special royal ceremony.

The 2000’s:

Kate Middleton 2000
In the 2000’s (2011) when Kate Middleton married Prince Williams, Duke of Cambridge she carried a small and delicate bouquet arrangement that stunned everyone. Her posy wedding bouquet combination housed the famous sprig of myrtle along with some hyacinths, which represent constancy; lily of the valley, which represent a return to happiness; and sweet William, a tribute to her husband.

When Princess Mary (Australian-born) married Frederik, the crown prince of Denmark she carried a trailing bouquet. The bouquet combination used cream roses, stephanotis, white hydrangea, and some eucalyptus leaves to make quite a statement for the special ceremony.

In 2004, when the Crown Prince Felipe got married to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano in a fairytale wedding ceremony in Madrid, Spain 24 million viewers watched the bride as she carried a small teardrop wedding bouquet arrangement housing a combination of roses, lilies, and wheat. If you’re wondering why wheat was included, it is a Spanish symbol of fertility, hope, and joy and therefore a perfect ingredient of a bridal bouquet when starting a new life together as a couple.

The 90’s:

Sophie Rhys-Jones 1990
In the 90’s when Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys-Jones at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor in a low-key wedding ceremony; the cascading bridal bouquet that was used featured calla lilies, roses and the essential sprig of myrtle.

The 80’s:

When it comes to the 80’s, fashion and wedding trends were quite different as compared to now. The big dresses and big bouquets were quite a hit in those times and this is the reason, when Princess Diana married Prince Charles that she used a large cascading bouquet full of gardenia, stephanotis, freesia, odontoglossum orchid, lily of the valley, Earl Mountbatten roses, ivy, tradescantia, myrtle and Veronica for her wedding ceremony. More than 750 million people watched as she walked down the aisle and her bridal bouquet arrangement was an instant hit which was trending within no time in popular wedding circles all around the world.

The 70’s

The 70’s was a totally different time and this also goes to show when Princess Anne married Captain Mark Philips, in 1973 in Westminster Abbey. Her small and delicate spray bouquet arrangement featured white roses and lily of the valley for making a mark in terms of the wedding ceremony.
As you can easily notice the shapes, sizes and flower arrangements of the royal wedding bouquets have changed through the years and will continue to do so in the coming years as well. The sprig of myrtle has been one of those traditions that have stayed throughout the years when it comes to royal bridal bouquets. The wedding décor and flower arrangements are something that has never been a constant and there will be new trends and conventions in the years to follow right from bridal bouquets to wedding centerpieces.

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