Breaking Down Fashion Trends For This Year


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Breaking Down Fashion Trends For This Year 1

Do you want to stand out? Are you hoping to wear the best outfits for this season? If you’re looking for fashion trends, we have a few of the most popular ones that have shown up in 2022. Take a look at these looks below: 

Business looks 

If you’re a lady with a career, more than likely, you spend time putting together great looks for your job. Whether you depend on an image consultant to help you pick the best outfits or you style yourself, the style of business dress women is more than likely in your sights, so that you can always stay on the cutting edge of fashion for the office. 

Breaking Down Fashion Trends For This Year 2

From slacks to charming blouses, dresses, and blazers, there’s a myriad of fashion pieces that can have you slaying in your career. If in doubt about how to piece your business wear together, check out a fashion app that can help to give you ideas. 


So, maybe you’ve heard about this style over the past months. Regencycore? It sure can be confusing to keep up with all of the styles happening in 2022, but honestly, this one is kind of fun. If you love your period dramas, whether they have to do with Jane Austen novels or the latest rage of Bridgerton, more than likely you know the style that we’re talking about. 

Puffy sleeves and shiny things are just a couple of aspects of the Regencycore look that you may recognize. Work with your personal stylist to come up with the best options for your style if this is a trend that works for you.

Coastal grandmother

Who knew that granny’s clothes would be in? If she lives near the ocean and always looks tres chic, this granny is not at all frumpy. In fact, the coastal grandmother look is all about clean style combined with the comfort that any coastal grandmother may need.

From comfortable pants-perhaps in linen, to button-up shirts in light colors, there’s just something so calm and collected yet perfect for any casual occasion that makes coastal grandmother styles so popular. 

Bold accessories are in

From bold headbands in bright colors to earrings with unique patterns, there’s something about “happening” accessories that has us captivated. It’s along the same lines of bold and bright colors hitting the runway, where color is fast becoming a great move in the world of fashion. 

You can wear neutral or dark colors and brighten up your look with a pop of color in the form of your favorite accessories, from earrings to scarves, bracelets, and even your glasses. Don’t rule out wearing sentimental pieces from your grandmother or your best friend from childhood. Vintage pieces are still in, such as used Chanel purses. For a contemporary touch, consider complementing your ensemble with the iconic and stylish Balenciaga City bag.

Breaking Down Fashion Trends For This Year 1

Leather jackets

If you’re still hanging your old leather jacket in your closet, you’re in luck, because biker babe is a look that’s in. Cute yet edgy, you can dress up for a night out on the town and pull out the fun leather jacket that has you look as stylish as Olivia-Newton John. If you don’t own a leather jacket yet, look for a faux leather jacket that is both comfortable and stylish. 

In Conclusion 

From leather jackets to Regencycore looks, there’s a lot going on in 2022’s styles. Wear the styles that resonate the most with you, whether you enjoy going over the top with period drama styles or love a more subdued style that is equally as fashionable with the coastal grandmother look. It’s time to show up as the fashionista you are and you can get started with these looks mentioned above!

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