Black & White Interior Open House In Sweden

In this Swedish house, the decoration is rather chosen in “black & white interior” without harming its beauty.

In the dining room, the audacious choice of a two-colored wall in various shades of grey that highlights the ceiling is indeed quite charming. Another great idea: the installed shelf creates a real decorative separation!

To give it a more warm texture, all its wooden touches are remarkably added: the floor, along with the dining table and the chairs.

In the other rooms, the eras are blended using the furniture: vintage velvet armchairs together with an Eames rocking chair, industrial lamps and an Ikea carpet.

Preferred objects: the staircase painted in dark grey; the entirely white room and its ethnic carpet; the teepee in the kidsroom!

Image Credit: Joakim Johansson | Styling: Sofie Ganeva

1915 red brick beautiful Open House in Sweden

White scandinavian debroom interior design

Gold closet in white bedroom

beautiful white tent in kids room

Living Room Interior Design

black & white interior living room design

normann copenhagen bell lamp in dining room

scandinavian country design black & white interior home

black white kitchen design

stainless steel kitchen cabinets white interior

painted wall panelling in dining room

dark black painted staircase

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