Big & Bold: How to Make Your Home Feel Larger


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A small space is a stressful space. The home feels uncomfortably poky, especially when you think you are going to bump into something every way you turn. If your home feels like it’s wrapping you in spaceless discomfort, then you are probably wondering what, exactly, you can do about it. You will be happy to know there are many physical and illusionary things you can do to enhance the feeling of space.

From large sliding doors to little tricks like wall art, here are a few things you can do to make your space much more accommodating:

Large sliding doors

The very best aluminium bifold doors Perth has available are the perfect start in enhancing the home’s spaciousness. Why? Because not only do they let in plenty of gorgeous Perth sunlight, but they also create a much larger entry point from the garden, something which further increases that oh so good feeling of being able to move freely around the home.

Natural light is imperative to making a home feel more comfortable and roomy, and the ability to move comfortably and without the feeling you’re going to knock your toe every time you come in from the backyard are both awesome ways to make your home feel like it gives you room to breathe!


Mirror in the bathroom, mirror in the hallway, even a mirror in the living room – each and every one goes a long way to giving your home that feeling of endless room. It’s a simple trick interior designers like to incorporate to make smaller properties and apartments feel larger. How does it work? Well, naturally, mirrors contain a space-creating reflection that makes the room you’re in seem like it could go on for a very long time.

For this reason, you will often find extra large mirrors even in super small bathrooms, as they produce a vibe of more room which, in turn, makes people feel more comfortable when they’re getting ready for the day ahead!

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Pull furniture away from the wall

This is another sneaky interior designer’s trick, and one that goes a long way to making a living room or foyer feel so much bigger. Furniture that sits against the wall makes the room look clunky and as if the homeowner is doing everything possible to make the place look bigger than it actually is.

But when you pull the furniture away from the wall, that sneaky space between the decor and the wall actually grants the illusion of making the room feel much larger than it is. Try it sometime – you might be surprised at the impressive effect it has on creating a more accommodating atmosphere!

Large windows

Alongside large aluminium doors, large aluminium windows also produce a feeling of enhanced roominess. Why? Because a home that is closed off from the outside world (think all walls, no windows) is one that makes us feel entrapped and separated from the open space around us.

Having a large window, regardless of the view, means that your room will feel much bigger than if you had the tiny windows of a Paris attic apartment, the kind in which you have to climb up to and stick your head over just to glimpse of the street scene below.

Sofas with legs

You’re joking, aren’t you? How can purchasing a sofa with chair legs make a lounge feel more roomy? It’s simple, really! Clunky sofas sans legs, the kind that reach all the way to the floor, make an area look blocky and uncomfortable.

They are simply cutting off the sense of interior space between the sofa and the floor, and therefore make the whole area look a lot clunkier than it actually is! So, if you’re in the market for a new sofa, and are concerned about roominess, steer clear of one of those old beasts that takes over the floor like a drunken bad dancer!

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