Bi-fold Doors – How to choose the right option for your home

Bi-fold doors are undoubtedly one of the best door options for people who want to renovate their property. It gives the house a modern appeal, helps save space, and allows in uninterrupted natural light, and a seamless view of the outdoors.

However, because bi-fold doors are not free, it is important that you choose the bi-fold door that will suit your property without compromising on durability, function, and aesthetics.

Choosing the right bi-fold door is important for so many reasons, both practical and stylish, and could easily be the final element you are looking for to give your property that great finishing.

To help point you in the right direction, we have put together this short guide to choosing the perfect bi-fold door for your project.

Style and design

As with any home improvement project, one of the top factors to consider is how the changes will affect your existing architectural design, and ensure that you choose something that complements what you have already.

This does not mean that you must seek an exact match. In fact, done properly, you will find that combining traditional with modern elements can look great on your home.
Style and design

That said, it is also important that you don’t go out of your way to create a glaring contrast that will damage the beauty of your property. Therefore, your new bi-fold doors must complement the style and design of your house.

For example, bi-fold doors made from original timber tend to lean more towards the traditional architectural styles while the slim and sleek looking aluminium models will go well with modern and contemporary homes.

Choice of materials

Bi-fold doors are typically made from a choice of two materials: wood and aluminium. These top two materials are known for their durability and high aesthetic value.

As explained in the point above, if you prefer a more traditional or classic look, then you can go for timber bi-fold doors, but people who want the sleek and modern look will go for aluminium doors.

Both of these materials have their individual pros and cons, and even though you will likely make your choice based on which will look best for your property, it is important to point out that aluminium bi-fold doors do not react to natural elements like rain and moisture unlike wood doors, meaning that they tend to last longer and require minimal maintenance. They also don’t cost as much as the wood version.

If you have the type of house that looks good with either traditional or contemporary elements and deciding on a choice of material is proving difficult, you can get help with bifold doors choice by talking to a reliable glazier or windows installation service.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
The beautiful thing about bi-fold doors is that they are inherently energy efficient. In fact, because these doors are primarily made of glass with only minimal aluminium or wood frames, there is more opportunity for natural light from the to enter into the room, keeping your space as warm as possible all day long.

But that is not all. You can also take things a step further by opting for a double glazed or triple glazed solution. This means that your property can enjoy better energy efficiency as a result of minimal or even zero heat and air loss. As a general rule, it is always best to go for the option with the best energy rating, in this case, double glazing, but your bi-fold doors budget will play a part in this decision.

If you are not certain of the wisdom in investing money in a triple glazed door, you should understand that even though bi-fold doors can provide automatic energy efficiency, there are lots of benefits to triple glazing, including extra savings on energy bills.

Operating system

A typical bi-fold door works with a unique type of operating system that makes it function in a seamless manner.

Most of the bi-fold doors available work on a track and roller operating system, which is vital to its smooth operation. Some of these doors have only a single track, often at the top, and while this single track bi-fold doors work well, the ones with dual tracks, with security pins at the top and rollers at the bottom offer better stability.

In choosing between these two operating systems, you will have to consider where the door will be placed, as well as the strength of the beams that will support the doors. You will also need to take your budget into consideration as obviously, the dual roller system will cost more than the single roller alternative.


Finally, one last thing you should take into consideration is maintenance. How often will you like to be checking and servicing and cleaning your bi-fold door?

uPVC and aluminium models rate very high in terms of maintenance as these doors can last as long as possible with minimal human input. But the same cannot be said about wood bi-fold doors. However, if you can take the time to carry out regular maintenance, and you fancy the authentic look of wood bi-fold doors, then, by all means, get it.


Bi-fold doors are a great addition to any home. They not only look good on the outside, but they also add appeal to the interior of the house. If you are considering installing bi-fold doors in your house, the criteria we discussed here should help you make an informed decision.

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