Best Wireless Routers 2019: The Best Routers Available Today

A wireless router is a simple device that lets you connect to your basic gadgets, whether they are at the office or at home. They can be connected outdoors at the same time. A wireless router is beneficial because it provides you with many benefits apart from just connecting the gadgets to the web. You just have to stay updated with the information before getting one for yourself and know all the important features that should be considered. In today’s post, we are going to discuss all the great wireless routers in 2019. Here’s a list you can consider:

Google Wifi

Google Wifi

Unlike other routers, the Google Wifi router is possible the most beneficial one you will find in today’s market. It covers all the big features you can expect in a great wi-fi system and comes with a clear instruction manual that will help you understand the wireless connectivity in a better way. While several routers are eye-sore, the Google wifi has a great design that can be used in any type of environment. The router of the body is divided using an LED light. This adds elegance to the design. Overall, Google Wifi is definitely brilliant and works well in modern houses.


Several computer enthusiasts used Asus since it is the best when it comes to gaming. Apart from that, it is also popular when it comes to routers. Asus generally does not cost more than 300 dollars and can be considered as the best wireless you can purchase as of now. This router has a very sleek and stylish appearance. Those who have used this product before will notice that the design is quite similar. The router is quite pleasing and is black in color with several red accents. The ASUS router comes along with 8 LAN ports. However, you have to keep in mind that these ports have high speed internet and they don’t come with any performance problems as such. ASUS has also paid a big amount when it comes to the WiFi performance. It stays faster without even decreasing the performance.


Netgear is a dual band router. Netgear has been making wireless routers for a very long time and for many years, it has become quite famous. Netgear dedicates itself towards providing brilling networking hardware along with other brilliant routers. It’s latest addition called the Nighthawk offers you a great performance, In fact, experts call it the fastest routers of all time. It’s performance has around five gigahertz and it causes no slowdowns. The router also performs well on several ranges. The bands ensure great performances and according to the reviews, it is much better than your basis ethernet connect.


The Athena router by AMP everything except disappointing. It is not expensive and perfect for those who are network enthusiasts. They might not always have the bling that you get to see many other routers but it does have several excellent and cool features that can satisfy an average consumer as well as people who want something more than just the basics. The routers have fared quite well when it comes to reviews. However, the ones that are very polish won’t make you spend too much time to understand its features. The control panel of Amped is quite responsive. It also has quite a powerful hardware and can be used in several devices through WiFi. Overall, it is a terrific performer.

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station

Apple AirPort
In simple words, the Apple router is very basic and it does perform well. Since it is a dual band router, it will support the WiFi standards at the same time. The router performs well when all tests come its way. It offers great speed, great stability and amazing connectivity. In other words, Apple has really outdone itself. If it comes to the downside of the router, you could consider getting this router. Although it is fantastic and fast, you will have to upgrade it once in a while. If we have to sum this in three simple points, the router looks great and has an amazing design. It offers an amazing performance and is impeccable to look at. It is also easy to set up and simple to use.

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