Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like Summer Time

For some people the word “summer” evokes images of bright, sunny days, white sand beaches and clear blue water. For others the images are of brilliant green grass, fully leaved trees and a babbling brook flowing through the edge of the yard. Regardless of the image that jumps to your mind, you can pay homage to the warmest of seasons with carefully chosen design elements.

Consider your bedroom. Many people think of the bedroom as a sanctuary. It is their favorite place to relax in preparation for a night of rest. For summer, or any season, choose decor that brings a feeling of tranquility to your space. Decorating the room with colors and textiles that remind you of summer can lead to a cheerful, peaceful feeling while you are in the room.

There are a multitude of ideas available for making your bedroom feel like a sunny summer day. Incorporating light and airy fabrics, natural fibers, wood tones and bright beautiful paint colors are simple, yet effective ways to bring summer into your space. Your bed itself can either enhance the summery feel of the room or detract from it.

  1. Bedding and Linens

Bedding and Linens

Using light colored bedding made of cotton, linen or bamboo is an easy way to make your bedroom feel light and airy like summertime. Natural fibers such as cotton allow air to move more freely around the body, thus helping you to feel slightly cooler when you sleep. Certain patterns also lend themselves to a summertime feel. For example, stripes–particularly light blue stripes–provide a clean, relaxing nautical feeling. Interior designers are divided on which sheets are best for summertime. Some prefer cotton, some linen and some bamboo, but they all seem to agree that natural fabrics are best.

  1. Light Colored Walls

Light Colored Walls

Your walls can make or break your summer look. If they are dark they can remind you of winter. The best colors for a summer feel are light or bright. Blue reminds you of the sky or the sea. Light green is a calming color that evokes thoughts of peaceful scenery. White, cream, or tan can evoke images of a sandy beach in a tropical atmosphere.

  1. Flooring and Rugs

Flooring and Rugs

The floor is an often overlooked design area. When houses are constructed, flooring choices are made based on overall design ideas. When decorating for a specific season completely changing the floor may not be an option. You can “dress” the floor though. Simply adding or removing a rug can completely change the look and style of a room. As with bedding choose natural fabrics and light or bright colors when selecting a floor covering for a summer aesthetic.

  1. Nautical Theme

Nautical Theme

Nothing says summertime quite like images of boating or the sea. Using nautical imagery is a guaranteed way to bring a little summertime into your room. Wall art, pillows, rugs, bedding and even knickknacks can create a nautical feeling in the room. A blue and white color scheme enhances even the simplest nautical theme.

  1. Bed


Often the largest item in the bedroom is the bed. It becomes the focal point of the space. In addition to the bedding, the bed itself can define the design of the room. For a summery look, a bed that is low to the floor gives a casual feel to the room. Platform beds, especially light wood or white ones, give the ideal casual yet comfortable feeling to the space. If you need a small bed with extra storage space for linens, twin beds with storage might be a good fit.

Summer is the season many people wait for all year. Instead of waiting for it, why not bring a little summer into your personal space? Choosing appropriate fabrics, floor coverings, paint colors, decorative items and furnishings will help you bring the brightness of summer home to your bedroom.

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