Best Ways to Clean Laminate Floors



Getting a laminate floor is a big commitment. It is because it requires more care and cleaning than regular floors. Hence, you must be aware of the best ways to clean laminate floors to ensure their durability. Considering the volatile nature of laminated floors, we did our research and found the best ways for you to keep them clean.

In this article, we will share the four best struggle-free methods to clean laminate floors. You can use them according to the situation of your laminate floor. However, all of them are effective and tested by us.

So, let’s start and discuss the first method to do it.

Method1: Using a Vacuum Cleaner


It is the most effective method to clean laminate floors without facing any water-related issues. Laminate floors work great with the vacuum cleaners that are designed for them. Hence, we recommend you use effective vacuum cleaners for laminate floors to get better results.

All you need is to choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with a brush roll and powerful suction power. Hence, an upright vacuum cleaner with a manual brush roll can be the right choice for you.

To use a vacuum on the lafloorsminate floor, you need to keep its suction active without using its brush roll. It will help you clean debris and dirt from the floor without any problems. Additionally, you can use an upright vacuum cleaner in the kitchen and other hard-to-reach places.

Method2: Sweep Your Floor More Often


The best way to keep your floor clean is by sweeping it regularly. Using a soft broom will help you clean the dirt and pet hairs, preventing the need for any other type of cleaning. Although laminate floors are scratch-proof, excessive dirt and pet hairs can still leave some marks on your floor. Hence, it is better to use a soft-bristle broom to keep your floor clean.

Cleaning your floor with a broom is not a challenging task. However, there is an easy trick that will help you pick up the debris easily. All you need is to sweep the broom in the direction of the laminate floor tiles. This way, you can ensure an effortless cleaning experience for your laminate floor.

However, it is not helpful in case of a water spill, and you need to check the next method for this solution.

Method3: Deep Cleaning with Warm Water

Using boiling water is not the ideal solution for the laminate floors. However, deep cleaning with warm water can clean your floor thoroughly. Additionally, it is better to have a solution when you spill something on the floor. All you need is to fill a bucket with warm water and soak the mop with it. However, make sure to wring it out so that it contains minimum water on the mop.

Using a sponge mop helps you control the water level so that it is not more than required. After that, gently clean the floor with the mop and reach all the spots conveniently. You can repeat the process and soak the mop several times to cover the whole area.

The last step is to dry the floor with a clean fiber cloth. That way, you can clean your floor and protect it from the spill marks.

Method4: Using Vinegar for Stains

No one wants to have stains on their laminate floors. Hence, using a vinegar solution is an excellent way to deal with it. Follow these steps to use this method easily:

  • Create a vinegar solution by adding 1/20th vinegar to water
  • Fill the solution in a spray bottle
  • Spray the solution on the stains of the laminate floor
  • Wipe the solution with a mop or a fiber cloth

That’s it. The diluted vinegar will help you remove all the stains from your floor in the easiest way possible. However, use it only once a while. experts recommend avoiding it for regular cleaning.

Final Words

The above four methods will help you deal with every possible cleaning situation on your laminate floor. You can use these methods according to your requirements. However, make sure to check them with the manufacturer’s instructions as some laminate flooring may require a different handling procedure.

Using Vinegar is an excellent way to deal with the stains while using a vacuum cleaner works for regular cleaning. All you need is to choose your vacuum cleaner that works with the laminate floors.

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