Best Summer Scented Candles


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Even the faintest hint of a particular scent has the power to transform the atmosphere or instantly transport us back to places, people and treasured memories. From setting the mood for a cosy dinner party at home to evoking memories of fresh sea air or the zesty citrus of warm summer days, a scented candle is the perfect way to add a special touch to any moment. We’ve created a list of some of our favourite summer scented candles to burn no matter the season.

Fethiye – Peony Rose & Cocoa

Transport yourself to the idyllic Fethiye district, located on Turkey’s southwestern Turquoise Coast with scents of peony rose and cocoa. This scent will have you dreaming of relaxing on the secluded coast of Butterfly Valley, taking in the breathtaking flora and fauna and gazing out across the crystal blue waters of the natural port. The rich peony rose and cocoa scent leans into the delicious rose and orange flower flavours of the delightful Turkish dessert, lokum. 

The Fethiye candle is perfect for balmy evenings spent chatting with friends under a web of fairy lights that sway in the gentle breeze.

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Viva – Coconut, Lemon & Lime

The Viva candle embodies the feeling of sea salt, sand and sunscreen on your sun soaked skin whilst you sip from an ice cold young coconut at a rickety beach bar in southern Mexico. The sun sits high in the sky as you seek shade and refresh yourself after a morning spent exploring the fascinating ancient history of Mexico and admiring the family heirlooms and exquisitely crafted jewellery, textiles and pottery of the Mayan Artisans. 

Open the windows and let the clean summer breeze cool your home as you burn this scent on a warm afternoon in the height of summer.

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Del Este – Sea Salt & Caramel

A fragrant reminder of candlelit dinners and salty sunsets enjoyed in the gorgeous town of Jose Ignacio, the Del Este candle has notes of fresh sea salt and warm dulche de leche caramel. This sweet and salty combination lends to the intriguing juxtaposition of the town where weathered fishing huts and opulent mansions stand side by side along the coastline. 

The ultimate late summer evening scent, this candle will set the perfect atmosphere for a romantic home cooked dinner for two. 

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Rêveuse – Sugared Lavender & Coconut

If you’ve been spending days lost in thought, pleasantly dreaming of floating around a secluded cove in the Mediterranean Sea, the Rêveuse candle is for you. Sink deeper into a hypnotic reverie with scents of warm, sugared lavender and the sweet creamy freshness of coconut, evoking memories of endless summers spend exploring the Balearic Islands. 

Let this scent refresh your space on a warm afternoon as you wind down with a good book, feeling the afternoon heat on your skin.

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When searching for your ideal summer scent, cast your mind back to long sunny afternoons, balmy evenings and the places, people and memories that bring you joy. Look for a triple scented candle that uses the highest quality, non-toxic wax and natural lead-free cotton wicks for the most intense and aromatic burn.

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