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In the year 2012, a study concluded that on an average a person spends almost 64 hours a week sitting in his office chair. That way it is almost 9 hours a day. The calculation was done for people who work from the office and if you work from home then the number of hours will be much higher per day, depending on how long you spend working. When you sit for too long your body can develop various health-related problems such as weight gain, poor blood circulation, etc. Thus keeping such major problems in mind the manufacturers have worked on the chairs using the latest trends and have come with better solution chairs. The chair that was used by your dad is long gone and all new technology chairs are introduced with different systems thus making them more comfortable.

The chairs are ergonomically designed that helps in reducing health-related risks. Manufacturers have also tried to give the best possible look to the chairs so that it can provide an overall value for the price you pay. Let us discuss what are the things that should be looked at first while buying an office chair.

There are many different things to look for in an office chair. You can also consider checking the review of the best office chair to get a rough idea on how it feels while you work sitting on it. Here are a few things to check before buying :

  • Great adjustability – Almost all office chairs available nowadays are now designed with various adjustable options with the help of which you can adjust the height of your seat and the armrest placement as well. The chairs with the highest quality can have multiple systems that range between 4 to 15 different types of adjustable systems available to ensure that you have a comfortable seat throughout.
  • The fabric used – There are many different kinds of fabrics used in the chairs. It is recommended that if you are going to spend long hours sitting on the chair then you should choose a chair that is made from breathable fabric so that the air circulates well and this restrains the chair from getting too hot and uncomfortable as well. There should be enough cushion provided in the seat so that the base cannot be felt.
  • Best chairs to work from home – Choosing the best office chair is like choosing a bed. You need to find the best comfortable chairs depending on the time you spend sitting and the type of work you do. You should choose a chair that offers a combination of value and quality. Upgrade your current chair with the best one available.

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There are various options available for the time when you decide that you need to change your old desk chair with a new one. If you know what are the features you need in your chair and the amount you want to invest in it, you can easily find a chair of high-quality and worth the price paid.

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