Best Leg Curl Machines


Leg Curl Machines

You want sculpted legs and you know that squats only cannot do all the work? opt for a leg extension machine.

You will find these machines in all gyms, but since you want your own home gym, you need to buy one so that you can get your legs in shape without paying a monthly fee.

In this article, you will have information about the exercises you can do with a leg extension machine, the best machines you can buy, and a buying guide to help you choose better. We aim to answer this question and more.

What is a leg extension?

As the name suggests, a leg extension is a workout performed using a leg extension machine.
What is a leg extension
To perform the workout very well, please sit in the machine and put your feet behind the skates, hold the handles and extend your legs, lifting the weights.

What muscles work the most with a leg extension machine?

Leg extensions provides you with awesome quad isolation exercises.

This exercise targets quads and adds detail and definition to the front of the leg. It looks sexy for men and women and this exercise is good for everyone.

Can leg extensions hurt my knees?

The answer is no! However, provided it is done correctly.

Appropriate leg extension form:

  • The knee MUST be aligned with the pivot point
  • Back of knee should be aligned with the edge of the seat
  • Your back should be flat against the seat cushion
  • The footpad should be placed correctly, avoiding damage to your ankle is a priority.
  • Putting on too much weight leads you to engage other muscles and goes against the desired goal. It is also dangerous and more likely to damage the knee. The best course of action here is to scale. Don’t go all at once, but start with light weight then go for heavier.

Is a leg extension machine worth it?

Yes, we think so. Some home gyms include leg extension in their all-in-one machines, but …

Here is the deal:

  • Many all-in-one gyms do not adjust their machines well and, as we said before, adjustment is so important when it comes to working your legs out.
  • Your knees should be aligned with the pivot point.
  • Since not everyone has the same leg lengths, there has to be an adjustable backrest. However, gym equipment that includes a leg extension machine doesn’t often come with this option.
  • All the sports clubs in one seem like a good idea, but unless they adapt perfectly to YOUR body mechanics, all the functions and all the exercises which they comprise are useless.

The Best Leg Curl Machines

Finding the best leg curl machine can be difficult. Based on the criteria listed at the end of this article, we have chosen 3 of the best machines that you can get your hands on. There are other machines that may have the exact features you are looking for but the one listed here are all in one and can do the job perfectly. Without further ado, here are the best leg curl machines:

Maxxus Multi Trainer Pro

Maxxus provides you with a solid bodybuilding machine designed to allow you to train both your legs and arms better. Do you want plump, muscular legs or arms? No more worries. With this device from Maxxus, you can train effectively and without constraint at home at any time. It is designed with thick and very resistant padding to allow you to train in a very comfortable way.

Multi Trainer Pro is a very compact and light machine (about 53 kg), with several functions to promote the destruction of a large amount of fat and the development of the leg muscles. It also has a grooved surface handle for excellent grip

Indeed, the device is made as a whole with steel and covered with a non-slip and ergonomic plastic material for not only a good grip, but also good stability, security, resistance and durability.

Body Solid Pro Select Leg Extension, Leg Curl 210lb Machine

With the Body Solid leg extension machine, you can have a good result. It’s a very solid machine that works leg muscles effectively. Designed with quality materials, this machine offers good stability and resistance.
Body Solid Pro Select Leg Extension, Leg Curl 210lb Machine
The seat and backrest cushions are covered with a very wear-resistant cushion, and are fully adjustable within a range large enough to allow everyone to use it. It is manufactured with a technology offering greater resistance, stability and solidity. In addition, this machine also offers you the possibility of adjusting your rear leg pad to seven different positions to allow you to customize your movements and operate it as you wish.

Thanks to its pull-pin design, it offers a fairly simple adjustment which will strengthen the quadriceps muscles which will operate the gluteal muscles and hamstrings.

Body Solid leg extension machine

Body Solide offers you a bodybuilding machine that allows you to train your legs effectively. It is a device for intensive training at home and in the gym. This version is more compact and simplified than the previous one. With a 360 ° overview, it is very practical, simple and adjustable thanks to a pin that facilitate the development and sculpture of the gluteal muscles, the hamstrings and the quadriceps.

Several other muscles are also being worked out during intensive movements. So this leg extension machine will help you get the legs and glutes of your dreams.
This weight-training machine is designed with a very solid and resistant steel material, coated in black to allow you to train in complete safety and in the simplest way possible. The seat and backrest are padded with hard, wear-resistant material to ensure durability.

What to Look for in a Leg Extension Machine

What to Look for in a Leg Extension Machine

As we said above, a good leg extension machine must be adjustable to allow everyone to use it.

The seat cushion, the backrest and the foot cushion must be adjustable within a range large enough to adapt to the length of your limbs.


Opt for a machine with good stability. Nothing is more discouraging than a machine in which your feet do not rest well on the ground.

A defective machine will affect you not only physically, but also mentally and will not make you want to progress.

Quality pads

Look for washable, comfortable, and long-lasting pads. Vinyl covered foam rollers are pleasant to the touch as th

ey are more washable than normal foam pads.


Does the machine come with weights? If yes, what type of weight does it accept? Make sure they are compatible with the machine you have decided to buy.


The leg curl is a strength training exercise for the back of the thighs. This exercise involves all the hamstrings, namely the femoral biceps, the semi-tendon and the semi-membranous. To a lesser extent, the calves through the gastrocnemius are involved. By getting a good machine, you can work all these muscles out and stay in shape through simple or extensive exercises, depends on how fast you want to work out. Getting the best leg curl machine is not an easy thing, but hopefully, we have helped you take the right decision.

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