Best Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium



Keeping an aquarium to your house is the most attractive stress buster ever. When you look at those tiny colorful fishes roaming around and playing in your tank, that definitely makes you happy and adds aesthetics to your interior.

Are you getting confused over what fish to choose for your freshwater aquarium tank? Then here are your answers along with the names on the best freshwater fishes, that not only looks colorful and happy but are worth mentioning for their playful characteristics.

Neon Tetra:

For a small space of aquariums, neon tetras can be the best one for you. The small and glossy, colorful appearance is easy to care. The most important fact about them is, they are even visible in the dark water with their neon colors.

They tend to stay peaceful in their small groups and don’t require a large enough space to roam around. It is very easy to care for a neon Tetra in soft and acidic water with the touch of tropical temperatures.

They are basically omnivores, which means they accept both the insects and plants as their foods. With the proper care and regular water change, they can reach up to the length of 2.2 cm.

Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium1


There are more than one reasons that you should make betta a part of your extended family. Their vibrantly colored fins and playful attitudes can make you fall in love with them. Bettas are easy to care for and stay in a peaceful condition along with other fishes.

Only they are aggressive towards other male Bettas that’s why it is recommended to keep only one male in the tank. Along with an omnivorous diet and regular care, they can grow up to a maximum of 3 inches.


Another popular one is the goldfish, who are mostly adored for their fiery gold body with glossy touch. If you have a large tank up to 20 gallons of capacity, then add one or two goldfish to it.

You can add a variety of gold fishes together, as they are not too much competition and offer healthy growth with the weekly care and proper filtration.


With the wide variety of more than 700 hundreds of species, the killifishes come in multiple color ranges. The most popular one is the white fishes with red dots all over their body and suits in almost all the freshwater tank conditions.

Freshwater Fish For Your Aquarium

They are easy to breed and stay peaceful along with other neighbours. But it’s good to keep only one male in the tank as they tend to become aggressive at the other males. Most of them are carnivores who rely upon the larvae, crustaceans and worms to feed themselves.


For a medium size of the tank, guppies can be your best option. With their fiery yellow body with black dots at the tails, they look vibrant and pretty.

The males come in many color variations than females. So if you do not intend to let them breed, then you can keep males in your tank. For the best care, they need mixed food with animals and plants and the consistent water temperature of 50°.

There are plenty of varieties available when it comes to the freshwater fishes for your aquarium. Start with adding a few variations of species in your tank at the beginning to understand their nature. But before adding any to the tank, you need to have a better study on the nature of each species. Offer them the best care based on their requirements to keep them healthy.

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