Best Candle Scents for Home

Fragrances hold the power to live into the human memory. The candle makers are always seeking aromas that can eliminate the dark thoughts of the human mind. Not to mention, candle buyers are also looking for candles that can replace the ongoing thoughts with the nostalgic recall of the past, the warmth of home, and comfort.

As per the National candle association (2020), 80-85% of candles sold globally are scented candles. Also, the sales of scented candles have increased over the past few years.

The scent of the candle is the main factor of high sales. The candle manufacturers are closely associated with the fragrance companies to make sure that their candles are following the standards of aromatherapy.

Let’s explore more about candle scents for the home and what kind of scents represents and captures a memory that faded into time.

1. Amber and Vanilla Blossom:


The scent of vanilla is feminine and familiar to everyone. Also, the fragrance of vanilla is sensual; hence recommended for bedrooms. The notes of amber are rich with a sweet fragrance that connects with the memories of the past. The combination of amber and vanilla blossom also gives rise to an orange scent.

2. Citron Blossom:

The scents are usually categorized into male and female; Citron Blossom is a masculine fragrance—floral, dewy and sensual. According to candle consumers, they do not feel like leaving their rooms as the aroma of citron blossom is indeed influencing them. Moreover, research reveals that; the elite and 5-star hotels also keep citron blossom candles in the hotel rooms.

3. Sea Spray Driftwood:


Everyone loves the feeling when the toes dig in the warm sand. Sea Spray Driftwood scent is a combination of coconut, vetiver oil with a hint of eucalyptus, jasmine, and tangy seaweed. The good blend of the low and high notes leads to peace, warmth, and serenity. Beauty, yoga studio, and massage parlors also keep sea spray driftwood scented candles on the table.

4. Water lily:

The aroma of slightly sweet, lemony water lily with a blend of lingering hyacinth is indeed therapeutic. The fruity fragrance with a whisper of vanilla is perfect for a spa room and shower room. The fragrance of water-lily evokes peace and provides a sensation of calmness.

5. Sea-musk:


Sea-musk is a neutral and summer-friendly fragrance—inspired by the refreshing aroma of the sea. The complex and masculine aroma of musk leads on to sensual, warm, and spicy animalistic notes.

6. Grapefruit and Vanilla Sugar:

This scent is more towards the feminine side with a hint of masculine notes. The top note consists of grapefruit, which leads to an uplifting feeling. The vanilla sugar and the orange citrus close the top note. The middle notes are filled with redolent violet and almond scent. The last/base note is of musky and aromatic vanilla.

7. Goji Berry:

Goji Berry is a famous fragrance created with the king of fruits. A scent with a hint of peach and plum takes you to the emerald beaches. The composition is neutral and gives you a positive vibe.

8. Oak Barrel Vanilla:


This particular scent is perfect for bedrooms—the sensual and calming notes of vanilla blend into the complex notes of mulled fruit and warm wood. The touch of oak ignites the mood and enhances concentration.

9. Red Persimmon:

Red Persimmon is our favorite scent; the aromatic herbal blend with the floral notes of rose, jasmine, and geranium leads to sensuality and relaxation. You can place a red persimmon scented candle in your entryway or your guest room. The punchy, zesty, and sweet scent will give you peace of mind.

10. Patchouli Amber:


Patchouli is driven from the mint family. The scent is velvet, woodsy and sensual. The blend of mint and amber leads to a rich fragrance of vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood, and myrrh. This particular scent is different from the regular fragrance and appeals to both genders.

There is no point in cursing the darkness; why not light a candle? There are more than 10,000 candle scents available. The candle manufactures are always seeking new scents for their candles.

Not to mention, the research and development unit works hard to make a different blend of scents. The subliminal manipulation of scent makes the consumer open their wallet to purchase a scented candle that takes them back to a different time and world.

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